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Nadine Patrice - Operation Green Leaves

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Our mission is not only reforestation, it's environmental education ecological restoration. Here's our card. We're a nonprofit environmental education and reforestation organization and we also work in Haiti. So education is the key. Especially during March and April, there's a lot of activities going on which is great. I saw a lot of children because we work a lot with kids because it's going to be their world and if we can teach them now while they're younger so taking care of the environment and preserving the environment will be second nature like brushing their teeth they're not going to think about it so we concentrate a lot on children and teaching them. Are you brushing your teeth. You do? You sure? Do you? Well, I'm giving you a little reminder right? You're going to do that from now on, right? Because we have to save water. It's a limited resource, you understand? And one thing that bothers me about Haiti, it's like, since I'm young they've been helping us. Why are we still the way we are? Something needs to change. I left when I was eight and a half and I lived a privileged life at that time and when I left and I never went back until I was in my twenties. Of course I'm an adult now, things look different but I had never seen this poverty before because I was sheltered the little time that I lived in Haiti. But I knew right then and there that, although I lived here, my life changed. My duty was to help improve the life of the people of Haiti. And I haven't stopped; It's twenty years. I know my satisfaction is I'm working towards a new Haiti. I hope that I'm going to see it, but I need people to see it in a new light and really change Haiti.

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Posted by: koze on May 26, 2010

Nadine Patrice has been an environmental activist for the past 20 years. She is the executive director and founder of Operation Green Leaves, a 501(c)3 organization based in Miami, Florida.

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