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XML Based FLA files

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[♪upbeat music♪] [ADOBE TV Presents...] [♪♪] [Paul Trani in...] [♪♪] [Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5 - Training with Trani] [♪♪] [♪♪] Hello, and welcome to Training with Trani. My name is Paul Trani. I'm really going to take you through something that is really helpful if you're dealing sort of in a larger work group setting or even if you are an individual and you want to work on certain aspects of a specific larger project. Okay, so we're talking about workflow here. In fact, here's my project. There's a lot going on with it. In fact, it's almost done. I can click on this Live button and click on this More Details [flies buzzing] just to give you an idea of what's going on with it. It's pretty advanced. You can see there's this gallery down here. You can hear some audio as well. And what I want to do is I want to go ahead and fine-tune some of this. In fact, maybe I want to have another designer work on these images while I continue to do the programming for the site. Well, I can do that. I'll just close that file, and I'm going to start in this FLA file. This is the majority of my project, and you can see it actually is pretty complex overall. But what I can do with any FLA file is I can go to Save As, and I can save this file as an uncompressed document, a Flash CS5 Uncompressed, an XFL document. And that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to save it out to my Desktop as an XFL file. I'll show you what I mean when I say "uncompressed." Let's minimize this. And here we are. We have this City Guide folder. Here's my FLA, and here is now my City Guide folder. So I'm going to double click on it, and let's take a peek inside. Notice I do have this XFL file which I just mentioned, but there is a lot more going on here. In fact, I can kind of twirl down and see all of these various file formats in here. But I'm going to take a look at the Library. As I expand this out, you can see that this Library folder contains an Audio folder that, sure enough, would contain audio. It better contain audio since it's named that. But let's go ahead and take a look at even some of the bit maps, for instance. Again, I'll open that up, and I can see those are the images that were in the FLA file as well. So what this means is I can go ahead and have somebody else work on these files while I continue to maybe work on the code or work on the audio files. So you can see how you can start to break up the tasks of a larger project. That's what's going on here. So bear with me as I just have this New Images folder, and it just contains these five images. These are more vibrant. I got these from my designer. It's really great. I'll just replace the ones currently in that folder. Again, that simple. New audio track, and I'm keeping this simple. I can see I have this LiveSpread. This is that flies track as you hear them buzzing around. I want to replace that with something a little more rich. But regardless of the file, if it appears in this Library folder, I can go ahead and replace it, and it will appear in my project. So now that that's done, I'll go to CityGuide.xfl and all it is is a simple double click. There's no file import or anything like that. So sure enough, here I am in Flash with my XFL file open, even showing the last frame that I was working on. But as you can see, here is the image that I was working on, so I'll just select my Selection tool. Here's my image. Very powerful. It imports those various items that were replaced and, quite frankly, everything is good to go. Control, Test Movie, Test. [humming sound] So I'll click on the Live section, go to More Live Details [flies buzzing], and here you can see the image that was swapped out. Let's check to see if the others were swapped out. Sure enough, all of the other images were swapped out by another designer, and you can hear the audio track is different as well. So as you can see, the XFL file format really makes it really flexible, enabling multiple people to work on the same file. Or if you're working alone, you're able to edit those specific files. But that's it for me. This was Training with Trani. Join me next time. [♪upbeat music♪] [Executive Producer - Bob Donlon] [Producer - Karl Miller] [Director/VFX - Kush Amerasinghe] [DP/Post Production - Erik Espera] [ADOBE TV Productions -]

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Whether you work as an individual or in a collaborative group setting, trainer Paul Trani will show how you can enhance your workflow by saving your Flash Professional CS5 project to an uncompressed .xfl document.

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