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ArcelorMittal: Season 2 Episode 8

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One in every four cars is made from ArcelorMittal. So there is a good chance when you see a car on the road, that ArcelorMittal is in the car. [♪ European Techno Music ♪] ArcelorMittal - Episode 8 - Harder Better Faster Stronger [car noises, ♪ European Techno Music ♪] Jurgen Cobbaut, Engineer, ArcelorMittal Automotive Worldwide>AcelorMittal wants to go further than just supplying stability to our automotive lines. automotive lines. We start to work together with them from the initial conception of the car up to the final production. Jerome Guth, Advanced Engineering, ArcelorMittal>AcelorMittal is a key part of the automotive industry because we have developed such a wide range of product, such a wide range of services Henri Guyon, A.M.A.W.>It is very important for us to lead in the development of these advanced high strength steels. [car noise, ♪ European Techno Music ♪] Charles Hallett, Autocar Magazine>The big news in the car business at the moment is really the environment. There is lots of legislative pressure to get CO2 down and its interesting what car manufacturers are trying to do to achieve this. Making better engines, making better aerodynamics, and building light cars [♪ German Techno ♪] Nurburgring, Germany [♪ German Techno ♪] [tires screaching] [♪ German Techno ♪] The advantage of light weight steel is that you could use it on different parts of the car and then reduce the thickness of that part. Reducing the thickness will directly reduce the weight of the car which has an impact on fuel consumption and of course CO2 exaust so cars are becoming more safe with lightweight steel. All ArcelorMittal parts could play an important role when a crash occurs to absorb the energy to prevent intrusion into the cabin. so that the passengers and the driver remain protected. [♪ German Techno ♪, road noise] Cologne, Germany I am located in the development center of my customer, Ford. It means that I have a really close relationship with them. We can collaborate on different projects with them, a real partnership. Andreas Paich, Senior Engineer, Ford>This is important for us to get support if we need it and I think this is what can be done by the suppliers. [♪ German Techno ♪, robot noises] [♪ Rock Music ♪] Guenter Behnke, Body Engineer, Ford Europe>The broad variety and portfolio of steels they offer so far, fulfills our needs get further weight reduction with our vehicles. We are working with BMW, Mercedes, GM, Toyota, ESA, Renault. [car engine and road noise] The talk of lightweight steel has almost forced aluminum off the agenda. 5 years ago everyone was saying all cars over a certain size have to be aluminum. Its the only way we can keep the weight down, its the only way to keep on increasing fuel economy. More and more lightweight steel technology is going to come along, and its almost forced aluminum off the debate. Jean-Luc Maurange, Head of Automotive, ArcelorMittal>You are going to see many cars convert to lightweight steel. And if I go to recylce 100% of the car, at the end of the life, its also steel. The role we have played as a steel maker, and especially ArcelorMittal, in achieving this. [♪ Music ♪, car noise]

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Posted by: thor on Jun 10, 2008

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