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~ ~ ~ ~ My name is Victor. Irina. I am Dan. Silvian. Victoria. Dumitrita. Ion. Cristina. Igor. ~ I lived in an institution for 8 years. 6 years. 4 years. 5 years. 8 years. 5 years. ~ At home. With my mother, father and Cristina. In a Small Group Home. At home. At home with my mother. Foster Care. ~ It was hard. Not so good. I wanted to go home every Friday, but my mother was not able to take me. I did not have anyone to understand me, to support me like parents do. I was away from home. I missed my mother. I wanted to be at home, to be near my family. ~ Now I feel good. I feel very good now. I am with my family, I go to a regular school, I see other children. It is better in a family, because you have someone to talk to, people to share your happy times with - and your sad ones. I learned how to cook with the teachers. Every Saturday and Sunday we prepare food, and we work in the yard of the Small Group Home. ~ The school I attend is very good. I get along well with my classmates. I go to the resource centre. I learn new things - although they are a little more complicated. I like to learn, and I like to write. We have many things to do, and a place to do them in. School helps us become good people. ~ My mother, father and Cristina. Parents, classmates, friends, teachers. My brother and colleagues. They have helped me so far, they have shown me what family is. They help me when I have problems. Because they will never betray me. ~ In a family. In a family, alongside a mother, father, brothers and sisters. A child is happy when living in a family. Because a family is your life. If you don’t have a family you’ll never know what it means. Because parents are the most important people for a child. Parents give you an example for the future. Because at home, even the food is better. After all, a family is the best place for a child. ~ Sure! Every child, every person has the right to their opinion and people must listen to it and understand it. If a child doesn’t express their opinion, it means they have no rights. They should be heard, maybe they need help. Children are the future! ~ ~ ~

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Posted by: lumos on Jul 21, 2017

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