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since Charlie Hebdo attack the numbers of Muslims in Europe have been declared, and the accumulative numbers of them. according to these statistics, about 20 million Muslim live in EU nowadays, the majority of them live in France, since Muslims represent around 8% of the population of France. next comes Germany with 6.5%, then Belgium and Sweden with 6%, then Deutschland with 5.5%, then UK with 4.8%, and then Italy with 4%. but the timing of publishing those numbers just after the incident, remains imperfect, unless it comes along with the... European statistics shows the number of the terrorist attacks that been done by Muslims .. EUROPOL has declared (the European Union's law enforcement agency) ... that only 2% of the terrorist attacks in 2013 in Europe have been done by Muslims, and 98% of it have been done by non-muslims... under a racist, and national motives. it said one of the worst terrorist attacks in Europe, in 2011... when Anders Breivik killed 77 people in Norway ... opposing against his country's policy, that welcomes Muslims immigrants. and as in EU as in US ... A study in North Carolina University in 2014, showed... that since the 11/9 attacks, Muslims' terrorist attacks had killed 37 US citizens, since 190.000 had been killed by non-Muslims simultaneously. and according to those numbers, the american magazine (Daily Beast) has published an investigation says... it's not your fault if you aren't aware that the fact of who committed the most of the terrorist attacks... In Europe and US are not Muslims, it's Media's fault. translated by: Loay Mohsen

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Posted by: loaymohsen on Nov 16, 2015


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