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A Day in the Life of a Japanese Fisherman

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Walking outside is so nice at the moment, wherever you go Greenery everywhere This is a fixed shore net It's a stationery net that they put in the water for six months at a time Good morning Where are you from? Where are you from? I'm from Hashikami What? Hashikami? What ship do you belong to? Right now you're marking the damaged places and repairing them? Right now we're just marking the places I see We'll repair them tomorrow So this net is completely out of the water now Do you have another one that you're using right now? In the sea? Yes, there's another one that's the same. We have two. Ah, I see. Around how much does this net cost? Altogether, around 100 million yen (910,000 USD). 100 million? It's really expensive. Yes. About 70 years ago This was carved from bamboo By her father We use this to stitch together the nets. It's old fisherman culture "Abari" There's garlic here. Why? We use it with wasabi and soy sauce You use it for seasoning Eh? What an overreaction. I thought you were going to catch a fish or something We're going to sharpen the knife before we start preparing the fish The reason for this is that The flesh of the fish is very delicate We need a sharp knife so that we don't destroy the fish too much This is a double-edged knife We have to sharpen both edges In your average kitchen You will only find single-edged knives They don't cut as well The art of knife sharpening is pretty complex, so I can't really go into the details You see this part that's angled? This is the cutting edge You want to sharpen along this edge So make sure you maintain the same angle Keep it about wide enough to get your pinky finger in So maintaining that angle Maintain that angle and keep sharpening along the edge Do I wet the knife? A little bit And then? Wide enough for my pinky finger That should be about right Then drag it back and forth? Go right up to the corner 2 out of 10 2 out of 10? You're not supposed to move it like this If you only sharpen this part There will be a different between the top and the bottom You need to work evenly How are you going to prepare this? We will make sashimi Sashimi? Right here? Yes, here. I usually start from here From the gills Go under the fin here Under the fin Aim for here Point towards the top of the head Careful not to cut yourself It's really sharp Then turn it over (In the background) Come join the fun! (In the background) I'm thirsty (In the background) Have a beer! Did you catch that? No, I'm teaching him how to prepare it Sashimi preparation lesson Ah, so messy If you cut the heart, it gets all bloody You have to cut through the bone at the top of the head Here? Yes, the bone there. You don't have to drag the knife Just press down You're teaching him Yes Wow Right? Don't cut your hand! Can't get the knife in? The fish is going to rot at this rate! You know how to do this, right? So I cut along here first, right? I don't know, what do you think? Why? Tell me! Okay, I'll just start here. When you skin it That's it, you've got this. You're not moving the knife, but moving the skin. You're supposed to pull the skin up, right? That's right. Don't put this on YouTube. If a sushi chef sees this, he'll be angry. "These Hikado fishermen are so crude" This is "ainame" (fat greenling). They call it "neo" in Kesennuma. "Neo" Good! I want a little soy sauce with it. Just needs a little soy sauce

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Taking a trip to Hikado Fishing Port in Kesennuma to learn how the local fishermen prepare their meals.

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