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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~15:31:33 - 15:46:33

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Charles, look at the river, not the filmmaker. Leave it or you'll be smacked! Excuse me. Hey, don't you ever wash your ears? Looks like not! Hey Memory, do you have to spit? Hey! Edith, so who started all this? Sunganani, Sunganani? Is that one for your ear? All I said was, 'Sunganani, do you clean your ears?' He says he cleans them, but they say he doesn't. They're saying you should use sand when cleaning. Who hit her? You did it deliberately. Was Sunganani hitting her too? Sunga! Yes! Sunga! You hit her on purpose! Simeon! But they're afraid of this one. Memory was saying you need to scrub your ears and then she spat. I was just saying you need to scrub them. So what's she crying about? Do you want to scrub with sand? -Go get the soap for her. -Should I get the branch? Yeah. Here, give it to her. Why are you crying now? -Hi. -She doesn't understand you. They're going to water the garden. Sunga! But, Simeon, you're deliberately annoying her. You're annoying her, right? Sunga! That's Sunga when he want's to... Look you're making the water dirty. Memory! Memory! You should teach me. -Just do it anyway. -No! Get away! Loser! Where is Fifi? Are they filming first? They say tomorrow. -Why didn't you tell us to cook nsima? -They said tomorrow at their home. Charles will come. We'll tell him tomorrow. -I'll trick you! -Man, you can't trick me! You're lucky you have visitors. They're busy... we can't really speak with them. -Oh yes, they can't. We'll wait, ok? Rebecca, you didn't go to school! Are you going to lie to me? -What, she didn't go? -Yes. [Charles mimics a South African beatbox.] That's weak, Charles. [Charles continues beatboxing.] Hey, I got this right from Durban! [Charles continues beatboxing.] We'll see people like Shalom. Share me! Esa share with us.... Ah, I have said go there. -Hey my friend! -You'll wait for us, right? Whatever you've poured is enough. You need to share. Hilda, let's go! I have to put it on my head. Put it on your head. You put it on your head! If you dare take it away, I'll kick you...Take this. Go and sing your song! Simeon, look out! Oh man, you're making me laugh! Give me those, thanks. Pass this side. Right by the bush. Did they give you your money? No. It's in your house, right? Let's just go. I'll tell them. We'll come tomorrow to change. He's lying. They'll go somewhere tomorrow. -Why don’t you write a song and I'll pay you? -Ok. You're making noise! Oh man, today's been funny. -You're standing on the flowers. Are you waiting for Edith? -Yeah. I don't want to smell today. Get out of here. I need to find a lid. I haven't seen it. You mean this one? -Is that a lid? -This one? The small one. This one, this one? That yellow plate. -They're saying that yellow plate. -Which one? -Hey, there's no yellow plate. -That one. There's nothing. These people have stopped recording. They can't see him. -Let me take it. -Let's go. Did you wet the bed? Are you going to go and fetch water? Simeon! You're being mean. -I guess you'll go and tell? - Draw some water for me. We should start with this one then. This one, yeah, on its own. -This one, not like that... -Get rid of that one. Look at that. You've messed it up. "We are happiness and rejoicing." Remove that one, Edith. There, there... Where it's caught. You're just fooling around. Hey, here is that pencil! Oh dear, you didn't sleep a wink? -And a crayon! -That pen... That was the one. It was thin like a pencil, it was very thin! Get some water for me. This cup for someone has no handle. Noel, that one draws lines like this… this one. A little pen. Did you take a pen? Yes, a pen and a crayon. -Did you lose that? –No, I picked them up! You cheater!

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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