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[WordCamp Tokyo 2009]

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User Error ... hahaha OK. Introducing is based on a simple idea. Sometimes people just don't have time, to read online documentation and FAQs and such. Or go through forum thread after forum thread after forum thread. Or books that are like heavier than a brick, you have to read just to find out how to use the software. So, my name is Michael Pick, and I work for Automattic. This is a company Matt started from his apartment in America. This is not his apartment in America. And ... I make from my apartment in Sapporo. This is from my window ... hahaha So we turned on in January of this year, to do 2 things. The first is WordCamp TV. So this last year, there have been lots and lots of WordCamps. I think Matt said 40 or more, and there are many many many WordCamps every every year. So we thought it would be pretty cool to share videos from the presentations. So maybe today, we have video also, so we can watch on And so with people all around the world, when people share their videos on YouTube, on Vimeo, on video player, please use it. We publish them on, collecting together. So it makes them easier to find. You don't have to search youtubes, search vimeo, search WordPress video, The second thig we want to do is to make and to share WordPress tutorial videos. And these are usually screencasts. A screencast is recording of your screen. It's sometimes has a narration or voice over. For example logging in. And sometimes also they are animated, to help people understand visually. If you're visuall learner, sometimes animation helps also. For examle this video So this is for example how to use google gears, but the idea is animated to make it easier. Sometimes we also use combination of screencast plus animation. So for for example when we introduced, we made this video. So this was a simple video to introduce, and its the first time i have seen on a big screen, so i wanted to do that ... sorry! Our tutorial videos are completely free. Not just free no money, but free like freedom. So, you can do what you like with them. You can do anything with our videos. You can remix them. You can add a voice over or subtitles in your language. You can put them on a DVD. You can make a flick book. What ever you wanna do, you can do with the videos. So to make that easy for you, we added all of our tutorials to a website called Dotsub is for translations, so you can add a translation of a video, subtitle, or just a part of translations, or just one line is ok, and the next person makes anoter line, you know ... so finally we have subtitles. You can also download all of the videos now. It's possbile to download them. You can do that from RSS feed reader, and you'll get the file as a media enclosure. Or I really recommend the open source media player Miro. It's like iTunes, but much better and opensource. Also we have a Miro channel, where you can go online and download any of the videos. We've also added langauge filters to So you can filter by your language. ima wa nihongo wa nai, (there are currently no Japanese) demo onegaishimasu! (but please add them!) If you decide to make and share a vieo with us, we credit you, we give your name, video producer name, and also link back to you. So everyone wins. So thats, and ... I am looking forward to seeing you there. And if you want see the links to the different things from this presentation, you can find link for dotsub,, contact form, at this url. Tiny url version maybe is quicker. So all the links are here for you, and ... Thank you very much for listnening to me

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Year: 2009
Country: Japan
Language: English
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Posted by: wordcampjapan on Apr 18, 2009

Presentation by Michael Pick of Automattic Inc. at WordCamp Tokyo 2009 (April 12, 2009)
Presentation title: Introducing


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