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Dolores Park sunday, aug 29 safety meeting coming up. Let's take stock We feel really fortunate to have a space like this where anyone form the city can come. It is one of the only large community spaces that is in the Mission. It's more than just a picnic area It's very representative of the people who live here. It's a great space because a lot of people in the city, they don't have backyards There's many different fractions of people coming together My only issue is that... it's really packed It seems really well managed around the people that are here on any given day I think people self regulate pretty well here. It's sort of like a double edge sword, if you feel like you have ownership over a public space you feel comfortable doing whatever you want to do I don't mind the drinking or drug trade going on it doesn't seem necessarily family friendly tho If I had kids, it wouldn't be the first place I would bring them in SF, for sure I'm a father. I love taking them here We used to come here every sunday. People who come here need to start respecting the area as a park and as a public spot. in terms of just the trash and.. You don't think people are respectful about that? I think no. The park is abused a bit, the way in which people litter and some of them moreobnoxious -drunken behavior. There's a lot of people drinking, but i really don't mind It's personal values, but I don't mind. Maybe they need to change the facilities -update them. Like playground, and bathrooms More trash cans and more port-o-pottys I do think they should take better care of the bathrooms traffic calming measures on dolores We are keeping eyes. I think the people, community need to acknowledge that and give us more leniency I guess. Leave it alone Dolores Park community meeting: safety & enforcement. wednesday sept 1st. 6 p.m. mission high school

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