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abdul vs scherzinger

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[female reporter] A mere two weeks after unveiling the judging panel for new talent contest The X Factor, show bosses decided to replace British judge Cheryl Cole with a Doll. Despite being a popular panelist on the UK version of the show, Cheryl was sent packing after just a few days filming. It's rumored this was due to her accent... I just think there's going to be some really great talent here. [reporter] and a lack of chemistry with her co-judge, Paula Abdul. Former Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger has been promoted to the top table alongside Simon, LA Reid, and of course talent show queen bee Paula. So in a battle of the homegrown X Factor ladies, Paula versus Nicole, just who has the skills to come out on top? [bell rings] Nicole Scherzinger first rose to fame in 2001 after competing in the TV talent show Popstars, winning a place in new girl band Eden's Crush. She also achieved massive international success as lead vocalist for The Pussycat Dolls and more recently as a solo artist. However, there's no doubting Paula takes the lead when it comes to how well-known and respected she is in the entertainment industry. She made her name as a choreographer for stars including Janet Jackson in the '80s and was also a chart-topping pop star, selling millions of records across the globe. Suffice it to say the "Opposites Attract" singer has been around a lot longer than her younger X Factor rival. And what about their judging skills? In between being an international pop star, Nicole judged reality show The Sing-Off in 2009 and famously won Dancing With the Stars last year. More recently, Nicole guested as a judge on the UK X Factor, impressing Simon Cowell and making her a natural choice for her new role. I love the show. I didn't know I'd have that much fun on it. I think it's quite a phenomenon. I was so honored to be a part of it. [reporter] However, when it comes to her talent-spotting experience, Paula is the reality show veteran. As well as sitting on the American Idol judging panel for eight seasons, Paula was lead judge on Live to Dance earlier this year. The former LA Lakers cheerleader has even hosted a cheerleading competition for MTV. And now of course comes The X Factor. [male speaker] X Factor! Yeah! I'm excited to be getting into that mentoring aspect. That's my passion. That's what I've done for over 20 years. [reporter] So there you have it. When it comes to ruling the reality show roost, there's no doubt Paula has the experience it takes to come out on top. But with her burgeoning pop career and a role on The X Factor, Nicole's star is clearly on the up. Paula had better watch her back. We're going to have a good time whatever happens--I hope. [The A List]

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Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
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Posted by: diagonal on Jun 15, 2011

A comparison between Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

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