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Annoying Orange: Jalapeño

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[catcalling and admiring sounds] -Hey! Hey guys, what's so funny? [catcalling and greeting] -Hey! Hey, Apple! -(sultry voice) Are you talking to me? Hello, my orange friend. -Hey, Apple! How'd you get so skinny? -Hey, he's not an apple! -Yeah, shut up, Orange. -It's okay. Go on, Chili Gordo. -[snickers] You called Apple "Gordo." -Yes, yes she did. You see Orange, I have many names. -Like Apple. -No, I am not an apple. My name is... Jalapeño. [all screaming dreamily] -He's so hot! -Hey, hey Gordo! -Yes, my orange friend. -I thought you were hot. -I am. -So why do they call you "chili"? [laughs] [all talking] -Hey, shut up, Orange! You're being so stupid; stop it! -Geez, talk about a "bowl" movement. [laughs] -Mr. Jalapeño, I have this friend and like, she was wondering if you'd ever be interested in... in a peach? -Interested? No. -Oh... -I would be more than interested. And please, tell your friend she looks quite lovely today. [all gasping and admiring] -(Pear) Oh, my God. You are so smooth. Orange, did you see that? How does he do that? -Don't ask me. How am I supposed to "jalapeño"? [laughs] -[chuckles] Touché, Orange. -Gesundheit. -You know Orange, you remind me of someone. -Please don't say me. Please don't say me. -Really? -Yes, you see, my friend, I wasn't always so smooth. [high-pitched voice]: Hey, hey, Habanero, hey! -What? -Habanero, hey! -What? -Can you do this? ♪ Lalalalalalalalalalala ♪ -Hey, knock it off. -♪ Lalalalalalalalala ♪ -Knock it off! -[laughs] -[groans] -Hey, Habanero. -What? -Habanero, hey! -What?! -Knife. -Ah! -[screaming] Ah, was I ever so young? -Aww, he's so deep. -Hey! Hey, Gordo. Do you want to hear me sing? -Yes, very much. -[singing random tongue noises] -Hmm... -It's a showstopper. -Seriously dude, I'm not with him. -Orange, you have no talent. -Geez, that's not smooth. -But... you possess something more precious. You, my friend, are full of... pasión. -No, I'm not. That's just citrus. -No. It is true. -No, really, it's just citrus. -Talent is a cheap call but for a man that wears too much plaid. -Hmm, I am pretty gassy. -Do you think, without passion, I could do this? ♪ Fra-la-la-laaa ♪ -[weeps] ♪ Fraaa-la-la-laa ♪ [screaming/catcalling] -He's so beautiful! -No, no, thank you. Thank you. Do you have any requests? -Oh, hey, do you know any show tunes? -Free Bird! Do Free Bird! -Ooh-ooh! Knife! Knife! -Knife? I don't know that one. -No! Knife! -Ouch! -Whoa! [ladies scream] Chili Gordo! -Amigo, you have cut me deeper than any woman I have ever met. -Actually, his name is Knife. -Yes, and someday... he will come to us all. -Geez, that's kinda dark. -And yet, there is still light. -[weeps] -The burning light of passion; it is now in your hands. -But I don't have hands. I'm an orange. -Nor do I. But yet, I'm still... -Handsome? -[chuckles] Yes, my friend. I knew you wouldn't let me down. Ouch. -Thanks, Jalapeño. -Keep the passion burning, Orange. Keep it burning. [slice!] Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 3 minutes and 44 seconds
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Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Dec 19, 2010

Orange gets a lesson from the hottest pepper alive: Jalapeño

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