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ArcelorMittal: Season 2 Episode 11

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[♪ energetic music ♪] Ignacio A. >> Before leaving home every morning, we use 50 tons of steel. Ellen >> Whether we know it or not, it's in our washing machines. It's in our dishwashers. It's in the exhaust pipe of our cars. Michiel >> A lot more is possible with steel than everybody thinks. [ArcelorMittal] [ArcelorMittal inside transforming tomorrow Episode 11: Steel in Design] [♪ medium tempo rock music ♪] Juan >> Anything that you can think, it's always connected with steel. [Juan Mana Commercial General Manager, ArcelorMittal, Spain] Juan >>It's bridges, hospitals, it's rail, it's communications. It's everything. Michiel >> The biggest challenge of working with steel is convincing everybody, including the steel industry, [Michiel Cohen Living Steel Architect, capazed] >> that there is a lot more possible with steel than everybody thinks. Steel has got potential that you can't reach with automobiles. [Every year, demand for stainless steel in home appliances is increasing.ArcelorMittal is working with clients to find new improved steel solutions] [Map of Italy] [Marco Marini Chief Supply Chain Officer] I love stainless steel for the same reason that I believe all consumers love it. It gives this feeling of quality to the product--of sturdiness. Ellen >> The environmentally friendly reputation of the appliances is something [Ellen Brooke Global Key Account Manager, ArcelorMittal] >> that's, obviously, been a big preoccupation. Marco >> The impact on environment is extremely low. Michiel >> It's definitely the most efficient and the most environmentally friendly that I can think about. Marco >> When you are a leader, you have to work with the leaders. From ArcelorMittal, we've got good quality. We've seen also innovation. This would be used more and more. [Architects around the world are using more and more steel in their designs than ever before.] Cesar >> Architects need to learn to think in steel [Cesar Caicoya Executive Architect, IDOV] >> if they want to work in the 21st century. [Map of Spain] [Guggenheim Museum Bilboa, Spain] Juan >> The Guggenheim is one of our main customers. We work with design. We have been providing some help and some advisory with engineering and we're supplying the materials. [♪ energetic rock music ♪] Juan V. >> The museum was the first project happening in this area Juan Ignacio Vidarte Director General of the Guggenheim Museum, Bilboa] and it has helped to form the character of the place. Bilboa is traditionally a steel-making city and I think the building reflects that relation between the city and the steel. [♪ Medium tempo instrumental ♪] [World Renowned sculptor, Richard Serra, also works alongside ArcelorMittal to produce his art.] Ignacio A. >> Richard Serra is one of the most important living sculptors in our days. He made the pieces in the ArcelorMittal factory in Germany. [Ignacio Agreda Director of Communication, ArcelorMittal, Spain] He was attracted by the steel and the potential of the steel. Juan V. >> This connection with Richard has been, for us, a very important part of the life of the museum. The support of ArcelorMittal is absolutely essential to fulfill our goals at the level of excellence that we try. [♪ energetic rock music ♪] Ignacio A. >> The challenge is to continue looking for innovative solutions for making easier the life of the people. Cesar >> We need the steel industry to support us with knowledge, with the improvement of the product. Marco >> Steel is a material that is enabling us to give them this message of design... ...this message of sturdiness, of durability. Juan >> The huge evolution of the technology connected with the steel--that has made possible some projects. Without this technology, those projects would be impossible.

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Posted by: zad on Aug 6, 2008

ArcelorMittal: Season 2 Episode 11

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