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Place Value

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Hi mom! Max and I are planning to go and play cricket this afternoon. Do you want some help? Yes dear! I have collected some buttons to sell at the spring fair. Sure Miss.Squirrel! We would be glad to help. Here mom, let me help you. Waow! Miss.Squirrel looks like you have already grouped the buttons. Yes dear! I have grouped the buttons in various place values such as ones, tens, and hundreds. Place values? Yes dear! # Amber! Tell me what is the number written on the jars on the table here. The number is 7, 8, 4. Can you tell me the place value of this number? I don't know mom. Numbers such as seven hundred and eighty-four, have three digits. Each digit has a different place value. The first digit on the left is called the hundreds' place. It tells you how many sets of one hundred are in the number. The number seven hundred and eighty-four, has seven hundreds'. The middle digit, is the ten's place. It tells you that there are eight tens'. The last or right digit is the one's place, which is four in this example. Therefore, there are 'seven' sets of hundred plus 'eight' sets of ten plus 'four' ones in the number seven hundred and eighty-four. Mom! So what's there in the jute sacs? Can you see the small jars? Each jar is filled with ten buttons. The jute sacs, contains ten such jars, each. So, the place value of a sac, is ten times that of a jar which is 100. So come on now, find the total number of buttons in all. So, let's see. There are 5 buttons in the bowl, There are 1, 2, 3, 8, 9. There are 9 jars. And there are 2 sacs having 10 jars each. This is going to be a tough one mom. Let me help you, So, there are 5 loose buttons, 9 jars, which make 90 buttons and 2 sacs. So, if 1 sac has 100 buttons, 2 sacs would have? 200, Correct Max! So the total is, two hundred and ninety five. You are right my dear! Now that you have learned about place values, are you ready to identify the number according to its place value? Yeah! Yes we are ready! Great! Amber! Which number is in the tens place? The number 9. Correct! Max! Which number is in the ones place? The number 5. Very good. And which number is in the hundreds' place? The number 2. Mom! I have a question. Sure Amber. Go ahead. Can we use place values, while counting money as well? Yes! Sure Amber. But we will use denominations, instead of place values, to group and count money. Denominations? Yes dear! Denominations are the values of different coins or notes, when we want to count coins or notes, we group them according to their denominations. Mom, Max and I have collected some money for a charity. And we need your help in counting the money. Sure dear! I will be delighted to help you and Max. Wow! We have collected a lot of money. Right Amber? Yes Max. Oh great! I can show you how to group money, using denominations and count as well. Now, lets start grouping and counting the money using denomination. This is a hundred rupee note. So, Max you collect all the hundred rupee notes. So Max how many notes do we have of the one hundred denomination? There are one, two, three, four, five. Five hundred rupee notes of five notes with the denomination of one hundred. Brilliant Max! Now Amber count the notes of denomination ten. They are the 10 rupee note. Right mom? Correct Amber. There are, let's see 20 ten rupee notes. You are right Amber! Which means, which means, that there are 20 notes, of the denomination 10. Perfect Max! Now, let's count how many notes do we have of the denomination 1? I counted 25 notes of the denomination 1. And I counted 20 notes of the denomination 1. So the total is 25 plus 20 equal to 45 notes. Thus, there are 45 notes of the denomination 1. Yipee! So, the total money we collected is 500 plus 200 plus 45 which is equal to 745. You both have done a very good collection. We need to go and help my mom pack buttons for the spring fair. So, let's quickly go over what we learned today. # #

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Place Value

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