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Hello,Trang Hi, Phong you look not very well today yes, i'm having a cold now Did you go to see the doctor? yes, I did Do you feel better? I'm good today Don't work too hard yes, I know After class, do you have any plan? I don't. I will go home. Do you have? Do you know Vi-my friend? Oh yes, I know her. We study English together After class, we will go to drink milk tea.Do you want to go with us? That's great. Where will we drink? Do you want to drink Gongcha? OK, but I also want to eat Korean food. We will go to drink GongCha today, and tomorrow we will go to eat Korean food,ok? See you after class, bye. Bye. Phong Let's go OK Hey, Phong Hey, Hoang. Long time no see How are you? Good, how about you? Do you have girl friend? I do. She lives in Viet Nam. How about your study? It's fine. You can come to my house when you free My parents often talk about you. OK Hey, Phong. Who is she? She is my classmate And this is my friend Hello Hi, nice to meet you. Where are you from? I'm from VietNam, and you? Are you from Korea. No, I'm not from Korea. I'm from VietNam, too. Hoang, Did you eat anything? Not yet Do you busy now? No, I don't. Do you have any plan? We are going to drink GongCha. Do you go? That's great. I will pay for you. Oh. you are so kind. It's ok. Great, Let's go. Hoang, how are your parents? They are good Does your family live in the U.S.? No, they all live in VietNam? how many people are there in your family? MY family have 5 people. Father,mother,sister, younger sister and me What does your family do to live? My dad is a driver, my mom is a housewife. My brother is a teacher,and I'm a college student. Hoang, how I can contact you? Call me, 744095099 Trang, do you have FaceBook? yes, I have. Keep in touch with me. Ok, i need to go home now, I have some homework. Bye

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Posted by: phihoang on Dec 12, 2017

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