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What are smart drugs

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The human brain contains around 90 billions neurons It's the most complex known object in the universe. So-called smart drugs exist to make it even more powerful And one in five academics have used them according to a nature survey. If you look in the internet, you will find lots of examples of people... ... who take smart drugs, writing about their experiences I've got some of them here... I went from a C average student to an A plus... "I wrote 2000 words in an hour an a half... ... my sense is a sharper, my work is much faster!" Now, I am always putting things off... dreading the big pieces of work that I have to do... If these drugs can help me out on that... ... I mean, I am really tempted to try one. So-called smart drugs cover a variety of prescription medicines... originally developped to treat a range of brain disorders... Neuropsychologist Mitul Mehta studies the different effects they have on the brain... We think about the cognitive enhancers,neurotropics or psycho stimulants. These are all terms that you might hear in relation to smart drugs But they really refer to drugs that are designed to treat people... ...with cognitive impairments such alzheimer disease, patients with esquizofrenia... patients with attention deficit disorder , traumatic brain injury... What are these drugs doing in the brains of people who actually are healthy! It may enhance information flow in certain brains system, stabilizing neural activity and this is one way we think that psycho- stimulants may work... ... in the frontal lobes of the brain. Another way they might work is by enhancing the signal ... so making the signals a bit clearer in the brain I didn't realize it, but the use of smart drugs... ... is allegedly quite widespread in the word of academia. Anders Sandberg is a philosopher who has studied smart drugs... ... often under their influence. My main cognitive enhancer is of course caffeine but I do use some more dyphenil... which is a prescription drug originally intended for noncollectip but I am using it for alertness and sharpness in my thinking Why should people be wary of before taking something like that. Cognitive enhancers many of them are stimulants. Stimulants tend to rise your blood pressures and improve metabolism. and exhaust you, but also you can think about memory and also well. They affect memory seizures you may learn a little bit too much. You can go a little bit obsessive, so you there are always trade offs You need to figure out the right ... for the right task In sports, performance enhancing drugs are banned as we want our athletes to compete all natural. It is the same with exams, schools and universisites want to test your natural ability so in that context, taking any smart drugs , well, I mean that is just cheating At Cambridge University Barbra Sahakian is looking at the wider social issues surrounding smart drugs I've discussed it with students groups and some of them feel they've coarsed to use them They feel like they know that other students are using them to get an advantage. But outside of compettitive cleveness , do you think that these drugs could help us to have a better, more productive society I mean, first of all we obviously we need to have the safety information... ... the longtime safety information But we consider that we and aging population and people want to stay at work better they want to function in their own homes for longer and not going to institutionals like We might that find that this is really good We are also fine that people are making faster discoveries.

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What are smart drugs.

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