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2012_10_21_Northern Ireland_adoption by gay and unmarried couples

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In Northern Ireland, legislation still prevents gay and unmarried couples from adopting. It's an exclusion which is exclusive. This is the only part of the UK where the ban exists. John O' Dougherty is director of an organization which represents the gay community here. He wanted to adopt a child with his partner but couldn't. What we wanted to do was form a family, and sadly the Northern Ireland assembly don't seem to think that that's a right that we should be able to have. He and his partner may now get their wish. Northern Ireland's Human Rights watchdog has challenged the law in courts, and the judge has ruled that the legislation is discriminatory. That opens up the way for gay and unmarried couples to apply to become adoptive parents. There is opposition, though. When the government consulted the public about this five years ago, 95% of responses were against extending adoption to same-sex and unmarried couples. This member of the Stormont assembly has adopted two children. he says the law does need to be updated, but thinks there are more pressing issues than deciding whether gay couples should be able to adopt. There's a board ensuring that those children get the best start in life that's reasonably possible, and not about who their adoptive parents are. The Northern Ireland health minister, Edwin Poots, says he's not convinced the court ruling is in the best interests of the most vulnerable children. He's going to appeal against the judgements. Chris Page, BBC news, Belfast.

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Posted by: totleigh on Oct 27, 2012

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