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The Grace of the Masters. Sadhguru

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Now that you mention Vedas In Vedas, there are many aspects. One aspect is they are talking about the constellations. the arrangement of galaxies in great detail, with diagrams, with mathematical calculations and so many other aspects of galactic constellations. Today modern cosmologists see this by doing calculations and they say they kind of constellations could have existing only hundred thousand years ago. Based on this we say, Rig Veda is over a hundred thousand years old. There are other factors also to prove this but this is one of them. Now these constellations that the cosmologists are talking about can be viewed only with very powerful telescopes. Hundred thousand years ago in India, definitely there was no telescope. I am sure there was not even a lens. Then how did they see it? They saw it with eyes closed, not with eyes open. Everything that is worth knowing can be known from within rather that trying to learn from other ways. I have taken lot of care to ensure that I never read any scriptures or anything spiritual. The only things that I read is Asterix or Dennis the Menace and just pure wisdom Spirituality and reading is totally not allowed no spiritual reading. Well, everything that's worth knowing is within you, not outside of you. Apart from that, information you know, today you go on the internet for ages, there has been a yogic net. Whatever work that people did see, if you work with your body, with your physical body or with your muscle, the span of that work or the lifespan of that work is very limited. If you use your mind and do work the lifespan of that work is a little more. It lasts a little longer. If you use your inner energies and do work the lifespan of that is eternal. Now, I talk about Gautama or Jesus or anybody with absolute authority not because I am a scholar, I have not even read anything simply because as far as I am concerned, they are not 2500 years ago For me they are today. Because one part of their work is alway alive. Those people who did things beyond their body and mind their work is always alive. If planet earth goes away still their work is alive. It will not go away. So that's always there. This is what is being referred to as the Grace of the Masters. I am just talking about two people because somehow they got to be well known. They could do their marketing, the two of them Other yogis and sages are unknown to you that does not make them any less kudoful. It is just that they never bothered to market themselves. They just stayed. Like I have been around for 20 years. People have barely heard of me because we started marketing only in the last two years or two and a half years time. Till then there was absolutely no marketing. People knew us like we are some secret school, no one knows that we exist. But at the same time, lakhs of people have gone through our programs. Just by word of mouth. As a rule, no brochure, no poster, no banner no television, no newspaper-we never entered anything. Then people thought we are some kind of secret school and something must be happening there and they started giving us negative publicity Then we decided anyway they are giving us publicity, lets go out and say what we want to say They started saying all kind of weird things about us so we said OK, lets step out and speak out for ourselves. and also because we are launching this Rural Rejuvenation Program in Tamil Nadu state in 13,000 villages we are setting up centres to rejuvenate rural life with Yoga and other aspects so we are launching medical dispensaries, mobile dispensaries from the trucks about 150 trucks will be launched in the next few years some of the Detroit meditators just now sponsored one truck just two days ago Because this work is being taken up, we are seeking publicity now We need money, that's why I'm here. I need lots of money This will service about 60 million people. These 150 trucks will be servicing about 60 million people Its a huge thing. In terms of investment, it is nothing-that large a population So knowing something is not by reading By reading what you know-what you know by book is it will forsake you somewhere whatever you learn by book reading, it is going to forsake you somewhere You may be an expert in Vedas and Upanishads and Bibles and Qurans You may speak very authoritatively but when it comes to your own stuff you will not have anything because what you gather intellectually will not liberate you. What you gather intellectually will nourish you only to a certain point but only what comes from within takes you beyond your limitations. That why so much significance is given for meditation, always its been given for those of you who come from these cultures, you know even in Jesus' life he went about doing certain things and then he withdrew into the mountains to be by himself yes? do you know-for certain periods of his life he is absent? Because without an inward turn, what you do outside has really no meaning So getting lost in activity is very easy but without turning inward and being sustained by that does not mean anything and anyway like internet, there is a yogic net-you can access it Everything that you ever want to know is there And I don't carry what I know with me at all Its not in my memory When I walk on the street I am absolute empty When I need something, its there Till now, in these last 20 years since I started involving myself with people so many kinds of situations have come in front of me situations means I am talking about spiritual situations, not once have I been left not knowing what to do not have I studied this it is just that what needs to done is always there very complex situations, not simple situations, very, very complex situations but what I need to know is always there. And I don't have the problem of carrying this in my memory I don't have to burden myself with knowledge, I want to act like a child without knowing anything but what you need to know is always there This is what is referred to as Grace-the Grace of the Masters is just that. They left their work to be there forever If you wrote it down, it wouldn't be there. It would be misinterpreted This cannot be misinterpreted. If you access it, its pure knowledge

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 Sadhguru discusses 100,000 year old galaxies depicted in the Vedas, Jesus Christ, Buddha and their contributions to the world. (AO93)

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