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Celia thank you very, very much coming this afternoon. It's really kind of you and particularly because you have a kind of, ha, demanding job. You have this heart, this sense of call to develop leadership and you're doing that in many places around the world. But in your travels, in the people you deal with, the people you see in easy places and difficult places, when you think about the words thy kingdom come and people praying those, between the 10th and 20th of May, particularly praying for their friends, their family, those they love to come to know the love of Jesus, what do you expect when people pray thy kingdom come? What do you expect when you pray thy kingdom come? Well you know, the first thing is, He told us to do it, so I reckon there must be something in it, if He told us to do it. [Laughs] Secondly, He made this world and He's, I think of the Kingdom as a rulership and if it's a rulership, whatever the King signifies is whatever we’ll experience. So I'm thinking of His goodness, His mercies, His grace, His capacity to solve problems - maybe because that's how my mind thinks. His capacity to bring order and just to restore beauty where there’s ugliness. And that's what I think when I pray that, I'm expecting Him to exchange that which we have, which is inadequate and damaging, for the goodness that He brings. It's not a magic button is it? It's not that, I had a text today from a very good friend of mine in DRC, in the Congo. You know, which is a place of the utmost chaos and suffering. He's a bishop there. He has a large diocese. There are two separate warlords in the diocese. He goes up into their area, he works there. There's no magic button that you can push that suddenly makes them go away and you know, you turn around and everyone's in harmony. So what do you say to people who say “What's the point in praying that, it's not going to change anything?” Well you're inviting God's hand. You’re inviting His goodness, His Kingdom. He has a way with people. He made us. He knows how to get around that. And in a desperate situation like that, I guess that when we, I pray thy kingdom come, I'm saying “Help God, we can't do anything about this, we can't change human behaviour, we can't change human thinking. But You can, because You made man, You know how to reach him, You know how to encounter him, You know how to change his perspective.” So that's a cry for help, but that's also acknowledging the only God can do this thing and I think that invite is what makes that difference. Of course there's no button that you press, but surely when you invite God into a situation that's an act of faith, that's an act of great confidence in His ability to respond to that need, that cry. That's fascinating. And in your life here, in England - where do you live? Where's home? I live in Rainham, Essex. Rainham. And when you're in Rainham and you're out in the street and you know, your sat there, or something and maybe you've just gone out for a while and you see some folk about and all these people who are going busily to and fro, not many of them in this country knowing they are loved by God, that they’re called to be disciples of Jesus Christ and you pray thy kingdom come. What do you expect there? I do indeed do that. I go around my streets. I pray thy kingdom come. When I see, I ask myself first of all, is there not a cause for me to pray thy kingdom come? When there's so many people, so many broken homes, so many lost everyday, so many trying to fix their lives with drugs. So the statistics for self-harm is up, for suicide is up. Seventy five percent of people who come out of prison, go back in there again and I'm thinking, is there not a cause for us to pray thy kingdom come. So I'm praying God, touch these hearts, for surely you came to the earth so that none would perish, but that all should have everlasting life. And I'm crying, sometimes physically I'm crying and I'm thinking, if a human being like me can weep over these situations, how much more God? So that appeal I believe is what God is also saying. I think the whole earth is crying out “Thy kingdom come” and we're asking God touch lives, because it begins with that thing, that beautiful thing we call salvation. I think thy kingdom come, the prayer, makes grace available in these situations for a turn around. In fact I've prayed that myself, I've seen that happen, I've seen that happen at airports, I've seen that happen in the supermarket, I've seen that happen in trains. And in yourself, when you pray thy kingdom come, what do you find? There is a peace, there is a confidence, because hope arises. Hope. It says to me that it is not a hopeless situation. I have a favourable confident expectation that something is about to change. That the goodness of God is going to come into this situation. Indeed when I say thy kingdom come I'm announcing to the situation, something is about to change. Men are about to be turned to God, children are about to find salvation, women are about to find restoration. That for me brings joy, such hope, such peace and such an indication that we ought not to stop, but to cry daily, again like I said, is there not a cause? Thank you very much Celia. Thank you so much sir.

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