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Nigel Farage on Vaclav Klaus in EU Parliament

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Nigel Farage talks about Vaclav Klaus's speech to European Parliament - 19.2.2009 It's the first time in ten years here that after a main speech from in front of chamber I have been able to stand up and cheer loudly. Yea it was the visit of prezident Václav Klaus from the Czech Republic. And he stood up today and he told it exactly how it is: He made it clear that this European project had become something, whereby those involved only recognize the "status quo", refuse to accept that there could be any other ideas allowed and that they weren't listening to what the people of Europe were saying At this very point the British Labour Party got up and walked out of the chamber - the idea that was not lost on me. But he also went on to say that if the European Union continues to go down the route like this that it will begin to resemble the Soviet Union that his own country had suffered under for so many years So it really was a very strong stuff Afterwards there was a lunch and the group leaders were invited to lunch with the president and at one point during the lunch I heard the president of this parliament Hans-Gert Pöttering say to him He said: "Mr President, your prejudices do not live up to your intelectual ability". I mean that is just how arrogant, that is just how disbeliving these people are that there is any possible alternative view. In fact what it did, was to validate the very speech that president Klaus has given. I have to say, today is one of those unusual days, rare days when it actually has been a pleasure to be in the European Parliament in Brussels. Join translation team at Sign the petition at

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Nigel Farage chairman of UKIP Party praises prezident of Czech republic Václav Klaus for saying things as they are.

Nigel Farage (předseda britské strany UKIP) chválí prezidenta Václava Klause za to, že ve svém projevu před Evropský parlamentem pojmenoval problémy EU - "tak jak jsou"

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