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?:I was drinking tonight Edward:We can see Zeus:You can find yourself on YT later ?:Where is it? Zeus:Internet, YouTube Zeus:That's the situation at the moment Zeus:Pretty cold, right? Zeus:At least you have warm pants on you Zeus:Are we even going the right way? Edward:If not, we need to go left one block, probably Edward:I think we are going the right way Edward:Look at the skies Zeus:Dude we need to go there Zeus:It's going to be ok man Zeus:We will find everyone you want "Discussing directions" Zeus:Nice car Zeus:The skies are so clear Zeus:Nice Zeus:Oh look,nice bike "Self explanatory" Zeus:You watch football(soccer) Zeus:Where the hell are we going Zeus:Dude's right, where are you taking us Edward Zeus:We go straight and then turn right I guess" "He doesn't like Obama" Zeus:You're going there?We're not Edward:And then the drunk Polak disappeared Edward:Good luck man Zeus:Nice Ford Edward:I can feel the freedom Zeus:A very elegant car Edward:I know where we're going now Zeus:That dude got scared "Discussing politics" Zeus:I like this fountain "Edward is telling an exciting story about fountains" Zeus:Cool park Edward:It's really small Zeus:Still cool Zeus:It's very clean and nice Edward:See those little balls, that's what I told you about the fountain Zeus:Cool Zeus:Just a fountain though Zeus:Okay I see our hotel now Edward:I bought medicine in this drug store Zeus:You feeling better? Edward:Kind of Edward:She said I have to take them 3 times a day Edward:Everything seems to help at the moment Zeus:We are fighting Edward's sickness Zeus:We need to gain form for DreamHack Zeus:You changed your mousepad Edward:Me?Yes Zeus:I was wondering why your AWP improved Zeus:No really it's better Zeus:I am going to keep my camera on until we get to the hotel Edward:Tough guy Zeus:I didn't even see him Zeus:Did he high five me? Edward:No, he didn't want to be in the video Zeus:I thought he was like "Hi" Zeus:Swedes are so tough "Discussing food" Zeus:I think it;s time to say bye guys Zeus:Good night, day to you Zeus:We had a fun run Zeus:We played with Turks today and man they are good Zeus:We have practice tomorrow

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jun 14, 2015


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