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C6L3 Crack the Serve

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The serve in tennis is one the easiest shots to really use your way on. Thats because your ego really gets involved in the serve, whether you serving well or poorly. What you want to take a look at are these pros that have the most simple motions but their serve is really there when they need it. Here is Gasquet serving very nice fluid motion on his serve as well. Lets take a look at his serve, I want to emphasize one point here in this lesson. That is the right shoulder, the serving arms shoulder see how its pressed forward. See how his lower body is already side ways but his shoulder is still pushed forward. See the hips we have talked about screwing down into the court that back side of the figure 8. Look at that shoulder its really pressed forward tightening the coil in his body. Look at his legs they are already around see the knees buckling there and really twisting but look at that shoulder he is pushing it forward the whole time. What you want to make sure of is there is such a little transition here as the hips slide through the center here of the figure 8 and that shoulder really doesn't open up much at all. Its really a matter of keeping the tension in the arm and rotating the lower body ok. Nadal does the same thing and his serve is always there when he needs it. He builds this tension between his lower and upper body's meaning the hips and the arms. Look at that left arm,see that shoulder you can't even see it come out the back side of this frame here. Because he is still pushing it forward creating tension and torque while he is rotating or screwing down with his hips. The torque is building in his arm by keeping that shoulder pressed forward and then during that transition once again that arm snaps back into place at the 45 degree angle. There isn't a great alive that doesn't control this shoulder like that. Djokovic is another guy who is really improved his serve a lot. Look here see how that shoulder is pressed forward now you can see it on everyone. One of the biggest problems in tennis is at the amateur level is people are trying to get power they are looking for power. Roddick is a great example here. So they are opening up ther shoulder trying to get more distance and more speed its really tension. Look at Andy his hips are totally side ways, past side ways at the 45 look at the shoulder its pressed forward, sort of cupping forward. He makes all this motion on the inside of his body and you will see even here as he comes into the serve. Look at this you don't see that shoulder spew out in the back. You see him trying to keep this tension in the entire arm so when his hips finally do come around there is a snap or a pop from the arm right back into play almost like holding a popsicle stick against someone pulling against it and then letting go. Its that kind of tension, so what you need to do is on your serve truly this helps so much is as you are going into your serve. As you are screwing down with your lower body keep pressing your shoulder forward the entire serve through. You will get plenty of snap and plenty of pop by just trying to keep the tension in your coil throughout the serve. You will notice the harder the more you try to keep your right shoulder in it and not pull out trying to muscle the ball trying to will the serves power. The more you keep that shoulder pressed in the more effortless the serve will become because now under pressure when you pull your hips back into play. The arm just snaps into this powerful out of this powerful coil. Look here you see Warren with no shirt on you can really see he is not yanking on that shoulder. He is actually trying to press that shoulder forward its just the displacement of his hips forward. You see there is a slight opening but then he comes right back into it. Right there is the transition point where you can see his shoulder comes out just a little bit but that is right before he gets into the hit. So his goal is always to keep his shoulder pressed forward. Now you try this and its going to make a huge difference like everything else.

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Hold your coil for bigger serves

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