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Hy good mornig! Welcome to Duck Information This are the news Anne of "The Triplets" dies after a long illness, the cartoon community is very sad. The three most beloved twin children are now only two. Anne ,the most romantic and sensitive of the three died last night in the Condal City after facing her illness but finally the disease ended her life. Helen and Teresa , the other two twins are desolate The most significant displays of affection were Bored Witch is who witch's the funeral of Sancho de Avila to go to this funeral. Protected by dark glasses, declined to say anything Some people who know Anne make the following statements. Hi is Dr. Frankenstein Dr. Frankenstein , what do you think? What do you think? I just want to mention her extraordinary generosity and altruism Thanks Dr. Frankenstein Now, I am talking with Bored Witch How do you feel? I just want to be with her family that is mine too Thanks Bored Witch Now, I am talking with The wolf in Little Red Riding Hood Excuse me, Wolf What do you think about the die of Anne? I'm "doubly hurt" only two years ago I lost Red Riding Hood I understand you when I found her dead in her hotel room The most notable absence was Banner and Flappy's because they were far from Barcelona but they sent a message , I read Anne, we'll never forget you Your generosity, your sensitivity and those nights of music, mojitos and kisses will always be with us Love, Banner and Flappy The cold wave keeps old ladies talking about the weather. A great deal of Spanish people have been on the alert several days due to the intensity of the talks about the weather that old ladies are having in the whole peninsula Not even they assist their grandchildren Here we are with Maria who are goind to tell us how the weather is affecting her mother Maria, tell us My mother is alienated because she doesn’t talk or lives for another thing I hope the weather to get better because she doesn’t want to assist her grandchildren My jacket is better than yours It's false! STOP! STOP! Victor Suberviola for Duck News. An old lady summons the devil in an english course. She was trying to say “I will back on Sunday”. Our partnet Ambrosio is in albacete in the scene. Tell us Ambrosio, what has happened? Pepita who lives in Albacete and is 72, yesterday invoked the devil when, in english course sponsored by the city of Albacete, tried to say the sentence “I will back on Sunday”. After the smell, a goat came into the room and Pepita’s husband tried to pull the devil kicked. It was a normal goat but with those red eyes (Pepita! You have to read that!) That you have when you are a long time in the swimming pool. I wasn’t frightened by the devil because I knew it was a normal goat. She spoke like a dog and blushed until the end, started to smell badly, but it turned out that it was sulphur. Last week another older student almost opened an iterdimensional gap trying to write “Google” on the blackboard. The covers for ugly babies arrive in Spain. These covers for ugly babies will begin to be sold in our country. These are well known and have become very fashionable since their launch three years ago. Some studies claim that covering the face of a newborn with a funny cover reduces the risk that mother suffers postpartum depression. Mister Matias Few experts agree that newborns are shit!!, at least physically. Small, deformed and dribble A mother who has been nine months to create this, and has depression, this is normal. Fortunately, this has remedy. Our covers protect the mother’s self-esteem and creature’s dignity. Ok, but... The covers for babies “Beauty Baby” generated controversy and were called “children’s burka”. But, a marketing strategy achieved to change this perception, How?.. A marketing strategy compared this situation with the coloured covers for mobile phones. Isn’t it like this? Of course!! for example... Some parents of twins use different coloured covers so they can’t confused them. We are preparing some models, of course. In Spain covers are expected to conquer a lot of parents, especially young people who are also “tunning” fans. Can you, ee... Oh! ok!.. Can you see her? Oh! yes, yes yes!

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Posted by: noticiario on Feb 21, 2010


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