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Fostering Innovation and Growth - Roberto Battaglia (720p_30fps_H264-192kbit_AAC)

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So we have a very interesting list of speakers today, and the first one is a welcoming speech for Roberto Battaglia from Banca Intesa thank you. Good morning everyone, it's a really great pleasure for us to host to you in this building and this space we opened more than 6 months ago this is one of our importance we recently opened and in particularly in this floor we set up an innovation center as David mentioned quite different from an idea from a traditional bank in terms of spaces, in terms of offices and so on our idea of innovation and that is the reason why we logged our innovation center is that innovation is certainly in an organization structure, an innovation means a specific space but innovation means something beyond the idea of an organization because our objective is to faster the growth of our bank and what we care about around us and to do this, when we started, more the less, one year ago ah, thank you we thought about our role when we talk about innovation and in this chart, you can see a couple of things on one hand, there are different levels of innovation and within our company and in this space and structure, we are working in particular in these 2 levels, the next level is the "Disruptive" level because one of the important things is that we are in the middle of a lot of challenges and threats and we talk about banking and financial sector and facing these challenges means not only to limit our focus on the financial products and services as you can see, we are looking for a lot of trends, a lot of challenges because, we have to look for these trends, means that how we can play a role as a bank in this type of industries or challenges and on the other hand how we can support it all to develop new opportunities sometimes to develop new business models the second important thing is that talking about innovation as I mentioned means not only to be competent about innovation in this department we have 80 people that are working on different projects but for us the idea is that innovation is an ecosystem made up on the one hand, all the business unit and the function we have withing our group and in that sense we are working together with them not only to find new challenges but to develop and to codesign solutions and on the other hand all the external ecosystem is really important that means not only our share holders our customers, but also research center university venture capitalists, startups and so on the idea of innovation is open obviously and we have to work really hard to achieve this result innovation is also a network we set up an Italian international network composed of colleagues that are working on innovation not only supporting our customers in particular small and medium enterprises but also with some innovation point we have in these important areas in the world the idea is that, innovation means first of all to observe reality to observe all the trends and try to connect these trends with specific demand in that sense the function of innovation center our due to not only serve our customers but starting from the idea that innovation is measuring is planning activities, is delivering on the other hand we have said to research and to go in different challenges and on the other hand to accelerate our project defining a specific agenda specific strategy, we set up and in that sense we have a part of our colleagues that are working on this idea acceleration another important function is that using all innovation we observe and we study all over the world, one of the new surface platform we are providing for our customer is to offer all these types of innovation to our thousand and a thousand of customers in particular the enterprises and the idea of a match-making is one of the new platforms we are working on because the vision is a financial institution, like a bank, like us generally speaking, is providing financial solution is providing financial capital we are moving towards new types of dimensions because financial solutions are important but we are going to deliver intellectual capital not only financial capital, that means that working on a lot of platforms that we can provide because we are a large group we have a lot of research center inside, a lot of knowledge as you can imagine, we are more less than 100 thousand people that are working inside Intesa San Paolo and imagine also the function that are working on the headquarters like potential business unit we are providing new types of service platform for our customer providing for instance training, advisory and a lot of new things on the one hand, to redifine the way we evaluate the credit and loans that are as you can imagine, as you know strictly regulated by the central bank of Europe but also to support our customer, support our enterprise to redefine new challenges as sometimes to redefine new business model that's really an important value that is added in the platform for us the 4th activity, that I'm working in on is innovation culture and development it is on one can spreading the culture of innovation that is not only training because I am quite skeptical about the idea that innovation can be teached by normal classroom, by traditional way of thinking the idea behind this function is that we kept involving a lot of people changing progressively the mindset first of all, our 100 thousand people in terms of innovation that means faster the ability to project, to launch new ideas inside our company and on the other hand, to communicate and to spread the idea of innovation all over the company the second important point of this function is development, because we launched and experienced designed lab using design taking at least our top approach to face all the challenges we are working on in terms of new projects, accelerations and so on and to evolve all our people and our customers in developing new opportunities, developing new services developing new business all these 4 functions are working together to reimaging the role that the bank can play in the future to build the bank that doesn't exist yet and to do this I am really glad to host this conference because this is a huge opportunity for us of contamination because the network society is really committed to rethink in a certain way to organize, a certain way to decentralize the decision and this is one of the issue we are working on and that is the reason why we are really excited to host this conference and I think you will enjoy this day. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

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Fostering Innovation and Growth - Roberto Battaglia (720p_30fps_H264-192kbit_AAC)

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