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Michael Clayton

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[heavy breathing] Michael - thank god! Look, I got a situation... Arthur just stripped down naked in a deposition room in Milwaukee. (Michael) You are the senior litigating partner of one of the largest, most respected lawfirms. You're a legend. I'm an accomplice! You're a manic depressive! I am Shiva the god of death. I'm Michael Clayton. You're late. This is a three billion dollar class action lawsuit - the architect of our defense has been arrested for running naked through a parking lot. He's building a case against U North. (Michael) Nobody's gonna let him do that. Let him? Who the hell's gonna stop him? I spent 12 percent of my life defending the reputation of a deadly weed killer. Arthur... No way. They killed him, Michael. U North needs to know he's under control. They've been shook up - they need to be reassured. (Michael) What are you telling me? That I am counting on you. He didn't say exactly what it was - just that it was something that would win the whole case. I'm not the enemy. Then who are you? You got all these cops thinking you're a lawyer and all these lawyers thinking you're some kind of a cop. You've got everybody fooled don't you? You know exactly what you want. You've got to saddle up here Michael, and get things under control. (Michael) Barker was on to something. Do you know Michael Clayton? We have a situation. Stay in the car, lock the door What would they do if you went public? Arthur, open the door! What would they do? They're doin' it! Freeze! Who called it in? Does that make sense to you? This happening? This never happened. Get out. Get out of the car now. I'm not the guy that you kill, I'm the guy that you buy - Are you so blind you do even see what I am? Do I look like I'm negotiating? [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 27, 2010

Michael Clayton Captioned Trailer

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