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Interview With a 5-Year-Old

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Hey fox it's your friend Xela and today I just wanted to do a fine casual video so I brought in my little sister Amelia, say hi. Hiiia! Ba-baaam! So in this video, she doesn't actually know this, I'm going to take some time to interview Amelia. It's that sooo? yeah! Awsome! Whooooo! And uh, I already have some glasses, and microphone, and a deep voice prepared, so uh, let's get to it! So uh, Amelia, uh what's your name? Uh, you just said, my name is Amelia. Mhmm And tell me, uh what is it like being a five year old? I'm seven! Mmm... I think one of us is lying. It's you! And so Amelia, the five year old... ...what is, uh, what's your favorite thing to do? Draw. What do like to draw pictures of? Do tell. Nur... I love to draw those too. Brilliant! Brilliant! You're a nerd. Thank you. Gonna cry about that later. You uh, you like to draw, do you like to play any sports? Basketball, baseball, and soccer. Soccer. I've always hated soccer. And Amelia, what is the life of a kindergardener like? I'm a second grader. You're avoiding the question, what is the life of a kindergardener like? I'M A SECOND GRAAADER! This isn't a real microphone, you can't talk into it, it doesn't do anything, see? It's the same thing. Welcome to the real world. OK, uh, Amelia what is your, uh, current political position? Green party, suspected it. Nailed it. I didn't say anything yet. Isn't she cute? Amelia, you uh, you appear to be mad uh, why is that? BECAUSE YOU'RE BO-THE-RING ME! Man!, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that, huh - talking to you mom - I'm a second grader, don't forget it. Whoaaa! Attitude... this one! Attitude. Uhm, Amelia, so because, I can tell by your clothing, you're obviously a fan of One Direction, so who's your favorite member? None of them, I don't like One Direction. Oh, OK, I see what we're doing here you're just trying to, just put an arrow right through my emotions. And uh, Amelia, last question... Uuuh, what do you feel, uh right now? I feel that you would GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! YOU STUPID, AND SELFISH, AND DISGUSTING, REPORTER!!! Alrighty, well that's all the time we have for today, I hope you enjoy this video, if you did be sure to hit the like button for me, and subscribe to my channel for more videos and to become a fox, also just throwing this out there Amelia has her own YouTube channel AmeliaRoseTV or we make videos together and it's a fun time so be sure subscribe to that as well, link it's in the description. Alrighty, C'ya later! PUNCH TO THE FACE!!!

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Duration: 3 minutes and 34 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: mrfancycar
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Posted by: the_flo28 on May 23, 2013

Interviewing Amelia Xela's (Mr. Fancy Car) little sister.

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