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econ song

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Freak Mont Stand Up North side, north side We gon, set this party off riiiiight West siiide, west siiide, We gon set this party off riiiiight Now tell me, isn't that insecure? The concept of economics seems so secureee Better technology and efficiency a new curve appears So like eff it, it’ll move from herre to herre X is consumer goods, like a few pairs of new Airs And capital goods, will go over there Investing resources in capital seems really clever Your consumer goods will grow faster than ever This knowledge and the flow you can't believe You finna learn all about the PPC Man I promise Approach the PPC with caution If there’s not enough raw materials, there fasholy be losses O, our understanding of PPC might be hazy So let’s use an example of Gucci and Versace! If our raw material, leather falls into abyss PPC shift in, man something’s amiss Eventually we’re going to need to get some mo’ ‘cause the number of products drops to an extreme low See, we’re not living the american dream Then we’re in a recession, economy starts to teem People don’t have the means to buy all of these things When we think what a loss of labor brings, PPC shifts in on us, you gotta debate us When we consider losing our 40 acres Then we lose that paper, we’re stuck in a loop Find a means to an end, so we need to regroup I say I love GDP, thats how I treat em We buy a ton of raw goods, but we can't buy freedom We'll buy a lot of clothes but we don't really need em Things we buy to make the PPC rise This buying improves the economy's wealth That's why shortys hollering "where the gucci at?" Leathers make Jordans, more leather, no cutbacks and economy get paid off of all of that So consumers got more that money to blow now Cause eff it, we just spent over 25 thou This economic growth, we spend time and again Cause I wanna be on 106 and Park pushing a Benz When we act ballerific like it's all terrific Helping the economy grow, I won't get specific Keeping production high, the best balance, I get it

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Posted by: tejasp on May 31, 2016

econ song

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