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MVI 1001

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Wa… this is quite a common problem One of the cases that I had recently was, you know those tanks that store large amounts of hydrocarbon. one of the roof was eroded I had to ask my inspection engineer to take a look at the roof to assess whether it is safe for people to go up the roof to do some maintenance work So basically I went to talk to my inspection engineer and he was very unreceptive. He cited reasons such as he was busy, he had a lot of other jobs to do that he prioritize over this Because of that he kept pushing the date line back So I think in that situation you only have several paths to take. The first thing I did was to ask my other colleague how is this inspection engineer like He was the kind of person, the recurring type that would keep pushing back job scopes because he couldn’t handle the amount of work he had to do. In my particular case, since he was the repeated type that a lot of people had already face problems working with, it is difficult to negotiate something out of him I am sure other people have already tried to negotiate with him So the thing I did was, I simply pulled the severity of how important this is If this was not resolved, how the plant could suffer in a matter of days To give credibility, I cited my boss HAHAHA So this is one of ways you can do. So you can cite your superior and because of that he may feel the pressure to complete the task early This is not something that you should do often also. Because to always pull your boss in is to basically the last resort You are done negotiating with him and you’re just using the balance of power to get whatever you need In other cases, where a person is at that moment of time he is way too busy. He has too many job scope Most important thing is try to catch him, where he has meetings with all the department members, we have that every morning la So what I try to do is that I catch him every morning and ask him for time slot where we can discuss this further Also, to help him save time you can ask what kind of resources that he need so that you can prepare them beforehand so during meeting you’ll be very productive. It’ll be one shot and you will be able to complete them more effectively It is all about the communication aspect. If you’re able to catch him and be able to convince him to take on the role. It’ll be a much easier task

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