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No a la ley contra los delitos mediáticos

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Have you read the proposal for the law against media crime? No, right? It's three pages long, and only 17 articles that cut off without anesthetic your freedom of speech. Not just for mass media, but yours and mine too. but, why? Well, check it out: the first thing it mentions is that the law is there to punish actions or omissions made by mass media which could be a crime as a way to balance "freedom of speech" and "citizen safety" so we begin by the assumption that there are things media could do or not do, which would end with social stability. An interesting thing is that these crimes could be commited by "anyone" expressing their opinion in the media! Because, although they attempt to differentiate between owners of the media, journalists, national producers and other professionals, at the end they slap on the addendum of "and any other person expressing themselves through the media" Meaning: you or me or anyone else But what is media crime? Whatever you say, or stop saying which will violate the right another person has to be informed and which attacks the "social peace" and "the national security" the "stability of the State Institutions" and even their "mental health". So if you wish to call people to protest, well, you can't! If you are worried about insecurity, you can't say it because you could make other people worry If you thing that this Government is incompetent, well, you'd better not say it out loud. Why? Because the government will tell you that information is false and that you are informing in an "untruthful manner" the rest of the Venezuelan citizens or that you could "generate caos in the society". Consequence? You go to jail. Check out the law! it doesn't take much time to realize that this marks the end of freedom of speech Yours. Mine. Everyone's. The government wants to shut us up. Lets not make it easier for them by keeping quiet first. Say NO to the law against media crime! Caracas - Venezuela type

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Duration: 2 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: Venezuela
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Jogreg Henríquez
Director: Jogreg Henríquez
Views: 821
Posted by: luiscarlos on Jul 31, 2009

El gobierno venezolano, a través de la Fiscalía General de la República, ha hecho pùblico el proyecto de Ley contra los Delitos Mediáticos que lesiona gravemente la Libertad de Expresión de los venezolanos. Es por ello que se hace urgente elevar nuestra voz de protesta y comunicarle al mundo la situación que hoy vivimos.
Video hecho por Jogreg Henríquez - Twitter: @jogreg

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