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SpaceVidcast 2.30

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Welcome to SpaceVidcast episode 2.30, we've done 30 of these things this year! (Cariann) Wow! (Ben) ... for October 9th, 2009. I want to point one thing out, I got the month and the day right! (Cariann) ... and the year. (Ben) And the year, although I've been doing pretty good with the year. We are your SpaceVidcasters, my name is Benjamin Higginbotham, with me as always, the beautiful, lovely, wonderful, talented, incredibly intelligent, and slightly flustered Cariann Higginbotham. We've got an action-packed epic-sode for you today because tomorrow, actually there's a lot of stuff going on tomorrow! (Cariann) Yes. (Ben) In the morning, we're going to destroy the moon. We're actually going to, ah ... (Cariann) We're going to see what happens after that. (Ben) No, it literally does ... this unfortunately will be the last show, it is the end of the world. So we're hurtling a missile at 4,000,000, according to the news I'm reading, 4 million miles an hour. It's going to break the moon in half, (Cariann) It's not just any missile! (Ben) Oh yeah? (Cariann) Yeah, no, this is a C3-TNT-Atomic missile. (Ben) Designed to blow up the aliens on the moon! We'll talk about that the last half, part of the show. In fact, in this particular show, we're going to be taking your calls live! ... which will be interesting. [silly laughter from Cariann] (Cariann) He only says that because you people are very interesting. (Ben) Yeah, that's why I say that. In addition, later, we've got the "1 Drop" event going on. Later that same day. (Cariann) Yes, should we all still be alive. (Ben) That will actually be technically, because we do everything according to universal time, that will be October 10th at 1 minute past midnight essentially. And that is helping the world get clean water because not everyone is fortunate like we are to have clean water. And we've done other water events here on SpaceVidcast. Because we're not just about ... (Cariann) It's just a water day isn't it! We're searching for water on the moon, we're trying to clean up the water on Earth ... (Ben) It is, it's an epic water day. Um ... (Cariann) I'm sorry, I like totally threw you off. I'm so sorry! (Ben) You did. I was on a thing and ... It's really important, we're not just about exploring space and expanding humanity that way, but also, you know, space exploration should help us here on Earth! And Guy Laliberté? G-ee, it's G-ee (mumbling). I have no idea how to pronounce his name, I'm sorry! (Cariann) The founder of Cirque du Soleil. (Ben) The founder of Cirque du Soleil, who is currently on the International Space Station, will be joining live for this worldwide event on October 10th at 1 minute after midnight in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). It's really hard to actually do that, in coordinated ... oh, oh, oh ... I know, it's October 9th for those of you in the United States. October 9th starting at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time. That's going to be pretty epic, it will be covered here on SpaceVidcast, we'll have the live chatroom, encourage everyone to join and actually participate, have some fun with it and educate everyone about it. And as I was saying, we don't want to just explore space. But, we want to have that space exploration help us here on Earth. Help humans develop cleaner water, um, and then we can get a caution urine sticker on every device in our home. (Cariann) How awesome would that be? (Ben) That would be great. Do we have any other space news items we wanted to cover before we hit LLC? (Cariann) Uh, no, I just want to come back to 1 drop later on. So we're good. (Ben) Ok, well how about we do that after the break? (Cariann) Yes! (Ben) Sweet! You know, the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, for those of you who have been watching our dailies is really starting to heat up! Oh, it's a competition! And the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge is a, if you haven't been watching the past shows, it's a competition, it's much like the Lunar X-Prize, but as opposed to being done by Google, it's Northrop Grumman and NASA. And there are two levels of the contest. The first level if you have to launch a vehicle, ah, what is it, ah? I forgot how high they have to go! (Cariann) Well, we could ask our guests. (Ben) We could. But you have to launch a vehicle up in the air, it has to hover, go over (translate), and then land, but then the really hard part is you have to re-light it, hover, and go back to the original pad. And they measure your accuracy as well for both of those pads, so you have to be extremely accurate and the person who not only does both rounds, but also is the most accurate, wins these purses. (Cariann) Yup! (Ben) Armadillo Aerospace won Level 1 last year, first place prize, but Level 2 is still open. And this year, we've got Level 2, first and second place, up for grabs. Now, someone is winning level two, we just don't know who yet. On, LIVE, on SpaceVidcast, check it out, we have got ... I'm not sure your official title, but Michael Mealling, would it be CEO? What's your title? (Michael) Oh no, Dave Masten is CEO. I'm the VP for business development, CFO, and head of marketing and sales. (Ben) So you have a C-E and an O in there, so I got those two right. I just missed the middle one.

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Posted by: spacevidcaster on Oct 9, 2009

Masten Space gives us a behind the scenes look at their new launch vehicle and talks about their qualifying run at the LLC Level 1 prize. We talk about saving the world one drop of water at a time. And we talk about the ZOMG LCROSS IS GOING TO DESTROY THE MOON AND ALL HUMANITY WILL FAIL!!!111!!! You know, or maybe not.

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