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Mv-F in plain english

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This is Mv-Fleet in plain English by Container Consultants & Systems Meet Frank, he sells cell phones in New York City Frank ran out of stock, so he just bought 3,000 cell phones from a factory in Japan. Do you ever wonder how cell phones make it from Japan to New York City? Frank will use a shipping container, the most safe and efficient way to move cargo. So he contacts a Container Shipping Company. This is Joe, he is an equipment manager for a Container Shipping Line and his job is to get an empty container for Frank's cell phones as quickly as possible, and at the lowest cost for Joe's company. Joe looks at his own inventory and can not find an empty container in Japan the closest one is in Mexico. Today moving empty containers around the World is wasted money. No matter the distance, there is always a cost involved. The customer is still waiting and looking for all options takes time and Joe has to make a decision. Joe decides to send an e-mail message to Mexico with the costly plan to move his empty container from Mexico to Japan. Joe has no way to see and consider all available options at the same time to improve his plan. So his department expenses increase. Guess what, Joe doesn't use this way anymore because now there is a better way: Receive all the available options from the first day. Joe plans his empty container moves on a web-based collaborative system called Mv-Fleet. Joe can confidently instruct Mexico about his plan to move the empty container to Japan using his company Mv-Fleet page, knowing that Mv-Fleet will inform him of any better option. Susan also enjoys this benefit, she makes her planning on her own developed system and it is connected to her Mv-Fleet page and it also works for Joe's providers; leasing companies and charters who are also using their Mv-Fleet page to make their plans. All of these options are on the internet in a secure way and give Joe full control over which option to take and who can see and complement his need. With one click Joe chooses the best option. EUREKA! ThereĀ“s an empty container available in Japan through a partner Line. The Partner confirms with one click and Joe immediately gets the empty container ready at Japan to be filled with the cell phones for Frank. Frank will receive the cell phones right on time for his new customers and Joe has reduced a lot of costs for his company.

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 47 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Container Consultants
Director: Container Consultants
Views: 228
Posted by: containerconsultants on Dec 28, 2010

Mv-Fleet empowers those shippers, ocean carriers and lessors who need to ship cargo on time.

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