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Hey there, I'm Alison, and I'm here to teach you how to build an incredible diaper cake for a jungle-themed baby shower. Here's what you'll need. First, place a handful of Pampers into the largest cake pan. Fan the diapers against the edge of the pan and keep adding diapers until the pan is full. Be sure to leave a small hole in the spiral's core. Empty toilet paper rolls come in very handy as placeholders. Pull the diaper edges to create an evenly-spaced spiral. Slide a rubber band around the entire tier of diapers. The spiral should be nice and firm. The first tier is good to go. Repeat that whole process using the eight-inch pan and then the six-inch pan. To complete your jungle-themed baby shower, make sure to check out the monkey cupcake tutorial at the end of this video. Now it's time to create a base of leaves for the jungle cake. These artificial leaves will set the perfect scene. First, place a twelve-inch cardboard cake round on a flat surface. Arrange the artificial leaves so they slightly cascade over the sides of the cake board. Adhere the leaves to the cake board round with hot glue and allow it to dry. Now it's time to build the cake. Stack each layer on top of one another, making three layers. Remember to stuff the core of each tier with washcloths, bibs, or pacifiers. Once the three tiers are stacked, it's time to decorate with ribbons. I'm going to do a double layer of ribbons, one solid color ribbon and a second patterned ribbon as an accent to bring in the jungle theme. Secure the ends of the ribbons with hot glue making sure not to get any on the diapers. What's a jungle without all the animals, right? This is what makes this diaper cake so adorable. I've got a monkey, a lion, and a giraffe, which looks so cute and the little boy will love. Feel free to add any other jungle-themed accents you like. Here is a three-tier cake straight out of a lush jungle. Who knew diapers could look this good? To earn points on every Pampers purchase that can be redeemed for amazing rewards be sure to register on

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Posted by: kristinf on Sep 17, 2015


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