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Democracy Now - Q'orianka Kilcher part 2/2

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...regime is, uhm, in a sense, brainwashing Peruvian to think of its indigenous people as second-class citizen, as barbarian, as, uhm as, as horrible people, because they are showing on the news every hour uhm, because what is happened in confrontations I'll give you a little bit of a back story Uhm, over six-hundred police attacked peaceful protester this last Friday uhm, in the Bagua region of Peru they surrounded them arround 2:00 a.m. in the morning, and then around 5:00 a.m. they open fire on them Uh, The ones that surrender - there was paceful protester, they surrender they were shot multiple times even after.... there was family, there as women, there was, children, uhm. They opened fire from helicopter they were throwing tear gas and, uhm, Alan Garcia ordered the atack, ordered this, this masacre on his people, and...uhm...and, and was so appalling to see that, because for over fifty-six days there was a peaceful protest. And then, things just switched. Alan Garcia gave the order to attack, gave the order to clear out that blockades that these these indigenous peoples were peacefully protesting and blocking, and, uhm mamed the indigenous people as terrorist, therefore, uhm, therefore .. allawing, allawing this, this, this masacre on them and, uhm, and it just - what they are doing -Q'orianka. -yeah -you're speaking to us from United States, though you're headed to Peru and I know there's a major march in Lima tomarrow. Will you be at that march?. -yes -uhm. -I really do hope so. -what... -I realy...- what would you like president Obama to do? -Uh, part of what is happening in Peru is, Uh, the Free Trade Agreement with the United Estates, I wish, I had Obama' cell phone number or something, because, I mean, my people are getting masacred over there, and, and CNN had a report there that they are worry that what happaned on Friday in the Bagua region is going to happen within forty-eight hours uhm, in the cities of Yurimagas and Tarapoto And they're worried that this is gonna happen And I can just say that it's realy horrible they are dumping bodies to hide the actual count of how many are dead. they're dumping bodies in plastic bags from helicopters into canyons and rivers. they just discarding them And, I mean, I would love President Obama to get involved. He, he is, you know, the hope for the future He's hope for young people. And I just urge him to step up; because, uhm, part of what is happening is the Free Trade Agreement with the United Estates This is one of laws passed which opens up the Peruvian Amazon to, uh , extractive companies to allow easy access. And, and, I mean, I'm not too involved with the political side. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it myself, because it's so much, uhm. but. yeah. -Well, Q'orianka Kilcher have a safe trip to Peru and we hope to get a report back to you on what is happening there, oh, once you are there and see with your own eyes. Q'orinka Kilcher - Thank you.And. -Yes. -I just wanted to add ine thing to everybody Uh, just know that we cannot eat, drink or breathe money or profit, and something don't have a price. they really have value, though. so, thank you so much. -Thank you. Q'orianka Kilcher is a Hollywood actress, outspoken activist on indigenous Peruvian issues and indigenous issues around the world. She was shortlisted for the Academy Award for her rol as Pocahontas in 2005 film The New World.

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Posted by: reimond87 on Jun 15, 2009

Democracy Now - Q'orianka Kilcher talks about Indigenous clashes in Amazon -Peru

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