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It's my first day of exams So, am a bit nervous But... with all my heavy school books am taking the train The train is crowded as usual Two years ago, I published this book which explains how men can become Chikan In front of me there is a man, very tall He's really close to me. The trigger can start by accident, with a touch in the train for example, on a crowded train It feels good for them, it's pleasant, it's warm. And this man in front of me had a little bag, that he was holding like this and his thumb was like this In our society, women are seen as inferior to men And I think to myself... what is this movement ... it's not related to the movement of the train The aggressors also share this idea It may be intentional Women must accept men's desire And also I feel something behind me ... It's someone's hand And I think it's... he's a pervert, a pervert that we called Tchikan Of which, we often speak in Japan In Japan, the image of the Tchikan and his aggressions is stereotypical For example, they are muscular men or, swarthy men, not very smart and, who can't control his urges. Of course, I'm trembling. And I can't stop myself But in reality As a doctor, I have treated more than 2000 Tchikan Many of them have a university diploma, Are now salary man, married and have children His other fingers, they come to touch me on my neck ... for 6-7 minutes, it goes one As a result, people think that the victim is the cause There is a lot of prejudice around victims by questioning Tchikan and asking how they choose their target They respond unanimously, women who will not go to complain And the train arrives at the station And this man takes me away directly, and he gets off the train And I try to breathe normally And I'm trying to ... stand up at least... When a person is born, they don't think they will assault someone later on No one thinks, that he'll commit this type of aggression You become an aggressor within society

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Posted by: elenahorn on Jul 21, 2019

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