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Winning Student Teams Present Their Flash Catalyst Projects

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[♪music♪] [On May 17, the winners of the University of Missouri Reynolds Journalism Institute Interaction Design Competition came to Adobe San Francisco to present their work and meet the people behind Adobe "Flash" Catalyst™.] [man #1] I feel like I'm Charlie in the Chocolate Factory right now. I'm meeting all these people at Adobe like--I've been using Adobe products for most of my young adulthood, so to come here and meet people who are very actively involved in it--that's just incredible. [man #2] It's the first time I have taken a plane, and it's an international flight, so I'm very happy and I'm very excited. [man #3] To come here from Missouri has been a really neat experience. It's having this real world experience being in the heart of Adobe is really beneficial for us to see how programs work, see how things function--in particular, to see how things like Flash Catalyst™ are developed. [Team Copper - University of Missouri] [man #4] It was a really good experience, working with Catalyst™, and Flash, and the coolest thing is all the years as a developer, I had a hard time creating those experiences or the images which normally a designer would do in AI, and replicate it into Flash builder, but now since Flash Catalyst™ in there, I can directly import those designs into Catalyst™ and take them into Flash-built stuff and concentrate on my business and rest of the site. [man #5] And especially with Catalyst™, it was great to be able to talk to the developers about design decisions and things like that, and just have that kind of conversation, because--I mean--you don't get that chance when you're using enterprise software. I mean, you're just making something and hoping that it works the way that you want it to. You don't go up there and get to say, "Hey, it would have worked a little bit better if I could do this," and the ability to do that is just-- it was so cool to just talk to the developers. [Team Recommendation Engine - University of Missouri] And the idea of States--we like going in there and knowing is the user going to be in this state? Is the user going to be in this state? What's gonna happen when he or she clicks on this button? What's gonna happen when the user clicks on another button-- mouses over something--and you can plan for that all in Catalyst™ without having to write a single line of code. You have that ability to design a user experience from the ground up, without coding things, and that's just amazing. [Team Fudan University - Fudan University, China] [woman #1] So I'm really happy about this because I can do something not only for the new software Flash Catalyst™, but also for Shockwave or X-box. [man #6] I find it very easy to use, and I use this software to create our websites in just 6 days. [man #7] We like to compare the Catalyst™ to the Magic Brush. That is to say, we can get a real house as in the lines as we draw it. But if we want to get anything--some other complicated software that will be difficult. You may lay the bricks little by little. [man #8] Personally, I don't have any developer experience, and on the flip side, our developers don't have any design experience. Sometimes, it's even hard for us to talk about the same project and we just have to sit down to use Flash Catalyst™, and just show each other what we're talking about. [Adobe Flash Catalyst™] [♪music♪]

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Winners of the interaction design competition from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and Fudan University in Shanghai come to Adobe San Francisco to present their projects and meet the team behind Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5, the software at the center of their projects.

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