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Why we are here at Tahrir Square

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Just to have your thoughts on the situation today: The situation is very obvious. The Ministry of Interior unleashed all the thugs to destroy the cities so that people would say that they still need the regime. We don't want the regime. We want either a constitutional amendment or something that says that the next President of Egypt will be chosen by the people When we say we don't want the regime, it doesn't mean we don't want Hosni Mubarak as a person and be stuck with someone else who is imposed upon us. We want to choose our president because we want to take this country into the future. Tomorrow, there is a talk of a Million Men March? Oh, yeah, everybody is coming. I am coming for sure and everybody I know is coming. We are going to keep demonstrating peacefully Even if we get attacked by police forces, we are peaceful and we're going to keep on protesting peacefully until our demands are met. There is a talk that the road is closed to Cairo The Egyptian youths are protecting their own homes. They are coming together and they are uniting. And everybody is coming together to protect their areas and homes. We don't need the thugs of the police force to protect our own homes. We have proven that we can keep this country safe from the harm that they cause for us. We have proven that we can take this country forward. People are cleaning the streets. The scouts are cleaning the streets. We want to keep this country safe; they want to destroy it. So we're not going anywhere until our demands are met So you think whatever they do tomorrow will not stop people from coming to Cairo? We are really hoping that what we hear about the police forces not interacting with the peaceful protesters - we hope that is true. We will be peaceful all the way. And they need to respect that. And let us protest peacefully. What is the effect of shutting down the Internet? Do you think it has slowed down? Apparently, the effect it had, it had an opposite effect. Because people really did depend on Internet. It was an unprovoked thing from the government to do. Even though they shut down the Internet, this is not just a Facebook revolution or Internet revolution. As you have seen many hundreds of thousands of people in the streets. Even though the phone lines were shut on Friday people still came out and demonstrated because this is not about the Internet. This is about the needs and demands of the Egyptian people. Are you afraid that they might do something to stop this? They tried and they couldn't. It's either they let us protest peacefully or else people are going to stick by their words and stick by their demands and not be broken up because we have had it. It's either they answer our demands or we are not leaving this Square no matter what. Is there a compromise that people would accept? The only compromise people would accept is that if there is a guarantee that the next president of Egypt will be chosen by the people. You would accept something like a transition period? It needs a transition period. There is no way that this would happen without a transition period. Down with the dictatorial regime! Almost there! Step down so that the victims can rest in peace! Go home and hang it on your door "We don't want you" Mubarak!

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Duration: 4 minutes and 59 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: Egypt
Language: English
Views: 2,764
Posted by: youknowit on Feb 2, 2011

An Egyptian protester clearly answers the questions which many of us outside Egypt want to pose.

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