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ICANN-CAIRO-2008 - Open Joint Session (GNSO, ccNSO, GAC, ALAC) Domain Name Space

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ICANN and ICANN and ICANN, CAIRO Egypt- November 3, 2008 Open Joint Session, GNSO,ccNSO, GAC, ALAC Domain.Name.Space Hello, my name is Patrick Sharry Today I facilitated a very important meeting. For the first time at an ICANN meeting, we had the chairs of the SOs and ACs. organize themselves together for a joint meeting of those groups. There were two topics discussed, we talked about the President's Strategy Committee and the Improving Institutional Confidence work and we also talked about new gTLDs, IDN ccTLDs, and the issues around those things. It was a meeting that ran very well, and not least because people recognized how important it was, to bring these groups together to talk about issues of such importance. During the PSC session. we started with a presentation by the chairman, Peter Dengate Thrush. Peter outlined the recent work that the President's Strategic Committee had been doing, and ran through a few slides that talked about the relevant areas that we needed to consider. We then got some views from the Supporting Organization and Advisory Committee chairs who were seated at the top table. And from there, we began a conversation with the community as a whole with an open mike session. There were a number of comments on many different aspects of that work. As the conversation proceeded, I tried to capture on the white board, some of the key topics of those conversations. That list of topics, will then be presented to staff and to other parts of the organization for further consideration, as we move into the next phase of the improving institutional confidence project. In the second half of our session, we concentrated on new gTLDs, IDN ccTLDs and the issues that surround that. We began with comments from each of the Supporting Organization and Advisory Committee chairs, They told us what was important in these areas from their own SO or AC perspective, And also why those things should be of importance to the community as a whole. We interspersed conversations from the SO and AC chairs, with comments from the floor, and in particular, we had a particularly productive session at the end where we looked at the issue of geographic names. This conversation produced interesting interplay between a number of people in the ICANN community, about the issue of what was a gTLD and was a ccTLD How should the process run and who should be involved. Again, as we had this conversation, I collected on the white board the main topics that people were covering. This list will be put into the process of one of a number of items that have been collected this week, to help the team who are working on IDN ccTLDs and new gTLDs to further their work, as part of the community consultation that they are doing in order to come up with the next phase of that for our next meeting in Mexico. Thank you for listening to all of this. It was a very important meeting for the ICANN community, as we work forward, I'm sure that we'll find better ways of running these meetings, and that means by the time we get to Mexico and beyond, we'll actually have even more productive ways of bringing these important parts of the ICANN community together. Thanks again for your time. Bye bye. Copyrights 2008 All Rights Reserved Your comments and reactions are welcome Vos commentaires et reactions sont les bienvenues [email protected]

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Open Joint Session

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