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Do you have an idea, excepts for, the way you approach for albums and… in which direction it may had or that you wanted to head the whole music industry? I think the way is heading, it is seems to be heading, is in two extremes which is that there will be the download side of things people, they will always be vast majority to be happy just to have have the songs on their ipod or three spots on whatever it is… and the other extreme is that the people who want the physical product are now been offered more and more elaborate elaborated forms of packaging, for example the last couple of hours I’ve done in this album is the same I’m doing a hundred and twenty page beautiful heart-back book, ten by ten heart-back book with a bonus CD of out-takes, a BLU-RAY with videos, photos of the lyrics, my original hand-written lyrics, and all sorts of things so it becomes a real kind of immersive experience, you know, you don’t just buy the music, you buy the background as well, you buy the DEMO’s, you buy the films, you buy the lyrics, the notes and all it becomes a kind of package that you can explore over period of weeks, you know so I think those would be the two extremes that the kind of middle part that’s just the generic CD I can’t see there’s any point in that anymore, really in fact you go into record stores now you see less and less space is given over to just regular CD’s You get vinyl, you get special packaging, special editions… but the regular CD’s, because it was not the one thing or the other, it wasn’t… it wasn’t software, I don’t think it really has any purpose anymore. The way you do it like, putting a whole book besides I can imagine that, that’s not something that every band can do because I can imagine it is quite expensive for… isn’t it? Well, I think, any band, it is very expensive, any band that has a fanbase can do it and the reason I say that is because fans, and when I say fans I don’t mean people who just got a couple of songs on their ipod I mean people who know about the band, maybe follow the band, that they’ve seen the band live a few times Those kind of people of whom I’m lucky to have a lot, you know, enough They don’t even look at the… I mean, I don’t… I speak for myself here but when there’s a band I really like and they do a special edition, I don’t even care what the price is… I don’t care… 50 credit, 100 credit, whatever, yeah, is a beautiful thing, I wanna own it I don’t care So, if and the other thing is, of course, the incident means now you can sell directly artist... I mean, look what RADIOHEAD are doing, they’re selling like 250.000 copies of their special edition through their website directly to their fans They are making more money than they ever made for those albums that sold millions of copies when they were in the EMI, because the EMI were paying like a 75 pay royalty per copy that’s the difference, so now you can make say If you’re an artist you can sell 200 or 300 copies of a very expensive special edition in your fanbase, direct through the internet then you don’t need to worry about selling any other CD’s that will pay for the whole proyect and I think that more and more artists now are realizing that that’s kind of the way to go now Do you discuss such things a lot with other artists you know about? I do, I do, yeah, I mean… Unfortunately, there’s not many artists that are so commited to the authored presentation that I am and I don’t know why that is I think it’s partly just a cultural thing because I grew up in a time, the very tightlend of the great year of the vinyl So I still remember how special it was to buy vinyl records A lot of the other bands I deal with that are a bit younger than me and they’ve kind of grown up through CD’s so, for them, they never had that same kind of… They never felt the same magic about buying the physical thing So, for them, special packaging is not so important But I tell you who it is important for is the record companies Because the record companies know that unless the give something special know now to the potencial buyer they’re just gonna download it and they are losing so much of their sales to internet that they really have started, last 5 or 6 years, record companies have really started think so hard about how they can persuade someone that they’ve should still invest in the piece of music so they are the ones, in a way, which is ironic in a way, you think it’d be the artist driving but in a way is the record company driving now the interest in special packaging Is there a future for record companies? Because, you told the story about more and more artists selling directly. There will always be a place for record companies because there’s always gonna be new artists and when they’re a new artist that don’t have a stablished fan base there’s no fan base to sell to directly to through the internet You can try to build up a fan base, through Facebook or whatever but I think, right now, in this time in history, that’s almost impossible because there are 500 million bands on the internet A few years ago, when the The Arctic Monkeys came out, their big story was that ‘’this is the band that broke through MySpace’’ The problem was, the problem was that as soon as The Arctic Monkeys came along and said that this is how they did it, everyone else over night set up a MySpace page Consequence was there’re now 5 million MySpace pages and no one looks any of them So, I think now the internet is so flooded with music that is not possible to breakthrough through the internet so we still need record companies who will market and promote music and use the kind of conventional means of publicity and distribution But I think once you are an stablished band like RADIOHEAD or like myself it’s much easier to step back and start thinking about how to market directly to your fans but I’m still working with the record companies because I still think there’s a lot of people out there that have never heard of me I know there’s a lot people that have never heard of me and I still want to share my music with many people as possible and I still need record companies to do that because I don’t have the means to reaching the people as easily as they do.

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Steven Wilson Interview - 2011 (Part 2)

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