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NewSpace 2011: Suborbital Spaceflight - Now Boarding

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Duration: 1 hour, 12 minutes and 46 seconds
Country: United States
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Posted by: spacevidcast on Aug 17, 2011

Suborbital spaceflight has long been a stepping stone for groups looking to launch into orbit. However, it has become a popular destination for many space startups due to its huge potential in markets such as tourism and low-gravity research. With the world on the verge of a space revolution, suborbital spaceflight has proven to be a major step in privatizing space.
Gary Martin(Moderator) Director, Code V, NASA Ames
Douglas Maclise Manager, Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research Program, NASA
Sean Mahoney Head of Business Operations, Masten Space Systems
Khaki McKee Program Manager, XCOR Aerospace
Tim Pickens Dynetics, Inc.
Will Pomerantz Vice President, Virgin Galactic

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