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GIRL RISING - IN PRODUCTION: Stories From The Field During the production of Girl Rising we interviewed remarkable girls across nine countries In Nepal, we met dozens of girls, including Suma who had been liberated from indentured servitude. Here are some of their stories. I knew they were coming to take me. I cried the whole day, hoping the car would never come, but it came. I didn't even know where I was going or who the people were. My parents simply said I had to go and work. We were so poor. My mother tried to make me feel better by saying that if I became a Kamlari, at least my brothers and sisters would have food to eat. They are known as Kamlari girls I was a Kamlari for six years. I was sold when I was 6 years old. I became a Kamlari when I was 13. I was sent to work as a Kamlari at age 10, like my mother before me. My day started at 4 in the morning when the landlord's wife woke me up. I worked all day and into the night. The house I was sent to was barricaded with a fence and I wasn't allowed to go outside. Even though I wanted to run away, I couldn't. Though the practice was outlawed in 2006, more than 20,000 Nepali girls still work as Kamlaris. When girls like me become Kamlaris, we have to deal with a lot of violence, physical violence and sexual violence. I thought I would spend my whole life as a Kamlari. With the support of local and international organizations, Kamlari girls are getting a second chance. When they told me they would help me go back to school, that was the happiest moment of my life. If I'm given the chance, I'll continue to study for the rest of my life. I want to be a teacher. I want to free all the Kamlaris and make sure that they are sent back to school. Asha, Sita and Suma are back in school and active in the movement to end the Kamlari tradition. My parents only paid attention to their sons. They only educated their sons - but I have changed this. I said to my parents, "Treat us all the same. "Treat me the way you would treat your son." And gradually, my mother and father have started to change. ONE GIRL WITH COURAGE IS A REVOLUTION TO SCREEN THE FULL FILM go to www.GIRLRISING.COM

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One girl with courage is a revolution. Celebrate International Day of the Girl with Girl Rising on October 11! Go to for inspiration and information.

It's called "kamlari." It is outlawed, but Nepali girls are still being held in bonded labor. Meet girls whose courage and passion for learning have helped to erase the fear, violence and shame they suffered as kamlari. One, Suma, is profiled in the groundbreaking film, Girl Rising. (

Girl Rising promotes a powerful truth: educating girls will change the world. Join Girl Rising and stand with girls around the world on International Day of the Girl. Sign up at

Girl Rising is a film. Girl Rising is a movement. Girl Rising is what the future for girls can be.

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