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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 13:30:00-13:59:59

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What are you doing? Duh. Hum. Hum. Hum. I heard. He seems to be in charge of the dining car. Hum. Hum. Hum. Ok, let's talk about this after you get back, ah. Hum. Hum. Hum. Uh huh. Uh huh. Um, I know, um. Hey! Come on. Come on! Come in. - I don’t want to be filmed. He is filming. I'll wait until he shuts the camera. - He is not going to shut. - Then I'll just talk to you like this. - Eh, do you want to play badminton? - Do you still have to film me? - Yes. You... He said that he won't shoot you. Come in. - I don't believe that. - (Laughing...) You can be assured. Just rest assured. - If you are doing this, why don’t you tell me yesterday, tell me in advance? - He is very honest. I came back last night. - What? - I came back last night. I forgot to tell you. - But I think... - The point is... it is usually very hot. - Can we talk freely now? We can talk freely. Hey, if you need to film you and your friends today, why don’t you tell me in advance? - But it’s usually very hot, and I don’t want to bother you. It’s cool today, suitable for playing badminton. - It is not for the video, but you want to play yourself? - Oh, yes. - I want to play but can he not film? - I really want to play. Today is so cool. Let's play. He will shoot from a distance. You can't be seen clearly. - That's still not okay. You guys are really unprofessional. You should tell people one day in advance. So people can prepare. -I thought that if I told you, you won't... - You can't waste others' time on things you have to do. Others can't do it, and they also get angry. I can't help laughing at you. Yesterday the two of us came back early. - What, weren't you saying that Cuiming came back early? - Cuiming didn't come back; we came back. - How many of you? Four? - Three. - Oh, you three, didn't you say that you are with... - You guys pull me into things you guys can't do. Won't let me refuse, but still make me angry, is there anyone else like you? - Let's get started. We can still play for forty minutes. We can still play for forty minutes. - I have to go to work. It's two o'clock. — Don't you go to work at two-thirty? You came back at this point on purpose. So I can't remember your schedule. — I came back after I called you. Why was your line always busy? Who did you just call? - Oh, I made a phone call. You didn't come to see me? - Here I am. I have already come to see you several times in the morning. - I don’t know. I didn’t see you. - I am just here to give you this book. I have to go. - Gosh! - Do you want it? Otherwise, I will take it with me. - Thank you. - Don't lose it. - You mean you let me take it with me? - Don't lose it. - I bought this book., with my own notes in it. - You should keep the book. I will read it later. Otherwise, it will be a pity if I lose it. Hey? Because everyone sees me and runs away. Um. Oh, no. I took a book. I don't have files right now. I just checked. There are no files to be published. Then, It is a waste. I just saw it. It is too wasteful. I am writing right now. This is the only way. Um, um. Uh huh. No, no, no, no. I... He was with someone. Just one person. No. Our class had nothing to do with it. It's just that our team was tested this way. They didn't mean it. Right, exactly. Yes. No, no. I told you. I didn't. I can't refuse. What else can I do? No. I was joking with you. Can't you see? No. Why should I be anxious? Oh my gosh. Um. Oh, right. No, they came to our team. Ah, ah. Then, when that person... when the secretary first told me, I said I can't. I was buying a car in Xi'an at that moment. We talked for about ten minutes. Then he got grumpy, and the call was over. Then, our leader got on the train, got on the train just to talk to me about it. Afterwards, he called me away one day during practice. You know? I departed around five o'clock. I wanted to look for a good restaurant. Um. Uh huh, have you taken it? No, originally I wanted to find a delicious restaurant. But I couldn't stand the heat when I got out. So I dined at the nearest place. That noodle restaurant. Not good. Um, um. Um. Um. Um. Then forget it. I should study in two hours. I am fine. No worries. There's no need... Why are you so good to me? Okay, I know. Sure, sure. Never mind. Just find me a basketball. Don't bother someone else. Okay, thank you. - Can you come without your cameraman? - Sure. Thank you! Let me tell you, this is... - She doesn't want to be filmed. - This is, what I ask Cui Rongli for. Take it to shoot a basket. If you want to play badminton, - No, no one is going to play with me. I found someone, Lao Li. The guard Lao Li can play with you. But I can't find a birdie... - Perhaps there isn't one. Forget it. Here is fine. Let's just throw a few balls, thank you! Thank you very much! - After you are done, call me, I will give it back to Lao Cui. - Okay, bye. - If I find a birdie, do you still want to play? - No. - It doesn't matter if you can shoot it into the basket. Pay attention to your appearance. - You are my true friend, bye! Finish typing this. Fill my cup.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: China
Producer: Ruhi Moran
Director: Qinhua Guo
Views: 47
Posted by: globallives on Feb 28, 2014

Ruixian Fan surfs the Internet after lunch. Her colleague comes to visit and is surprised by the cameras. A friend calls to chat and they plan to play basketball together.

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