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Marsch für den Auwald

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March for the floodplain forest In compliance with current Covid-19 safety regulations You who represent me and who make the decisions in this country it is time to realise that our health is interconnected with the health of Mother Earth. We demand that you make the decisions now, that put Life in the forefront. The floodplain forest in the industrial zone of Brixen (Italy) is home to countless species, some of which are endangered. This ancient forest is to make way for the new industrial building of the company 'Progress Holding AG'. The biotope 'Millander Au' is to be extended with young trees as a "substitute". Our earth is a living being, a body and her trees and plants cover her skin and make her cycles possible. Our forests are intelligent. They have been here long before us and strengthen our immune system, provide us with everything we need. We depend on them and it is time that we start treating them that way. This forest here, a network for hundreds of years, cannot simply be divided into small trees and put somewhere else. This forest... shall remain. I can't stand that this ancient forest is being cut down for an industrial building. and that is why I stand here today and would like to invite you that you come here with us and we celebrate together this vibrant life, these colours, this beauy, this truth. With children, with families, with grandparents, with all who make up our lives, forming a big circle with the forest and say "Stop! - What is important to us?" With joy, with gratitude, with all the beauty that we are capable of March for the floodplain forest ...and that we stand up together. Mosquito... Start: Brixen Cathedral Square 10am

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Posted by: tomschaefer on Jul 6, 2020

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