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2017 - Warranty Online (English)

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Okay, we are gonna start with warranty online. - Okay. So, what is it? - So, what is it Jen? - That's the question. - Yes. So, really nothing changes when it comes to warranty. So that's the good news. So very exciting for our sales force. But, this is a new customer experience. - Okay. - So now, if they aren't connected to a salesforce member, then, and they have the warranty, they need to call the Customer Care. Which is nice, we love talking to our Customer Care agents, but sometimes, we want an alternative option. So now, they can go online, on online or and do a "Warranty Request" there. So, what I want to innerate right now though, is the way, you do your warranty at your parties and with your customers right now, that doesn't change. - Correct? - Correct. It does not change, guys, okay. So, but right now, we are going to talk about stranded consumer. So, I am gonna be that stranded consumer and I don't have a Tupperware consultant and I don't necessarily know how to find one or I might not want one, right? So, and I have a warranty, so we are going to walk you through the process of what that stranded consumer can do. - Yup. - Okay. So. Okay. We'll let Jen... She is driving you all and we are gonna let her go. So... Okay. So, what they can do, they go to or and they are going to log in to their account. If they don't have an account, - they will need to create a new account. - Okay. - So, super easy to do that. - Okay. So then, once they create their account, they are... it's very simple, on the home page, there is now a new link off to the site, it says, "Warranty Request". - Yep. - Very simple, click there. We need to catch up, Jen. So, okay. Alright, so we just click on "Warranty Request." - "Warranty Request." - Yup. Okay. So, once they get to that page, then you will see a very bright blue button, that says, 'Start a new request'. - Okay. Create new "Warranty Request". - Create new "Warranty Request". - So, they click that on. Right? - So, they click that on. - Alright and then, that takes them to... - Okay. Well, let's go back a little bit because we talked about this stranded customer. - The Stranded Consumer. - The Stranded Consumer, yeah. So, they are stranded, they don't have a connection to a salesforce member but we want to make sure that we make every attempt to get them connected to a salesforce member. - Yeah! - Yeah… So, those that aren't already connected to a salesforce member, they will see this, bright blue pop up message, this really just encouraging them, - to link up and the benefits of that. - Okay. They can link up with somebody right then and there. - Right then and there. - They can find the consultant? Right then and there. So, I might be jumping the gun and if I am just say, 'We are going to get to that Cheryl'. - Okay. - So, but if I did have, let's say, I wasn't a stranded consumer. I did have a Tupperware consultant, let's say, Anna is my Tupperware consultant and I logged on, would I... I am cookied to Anna, would I automatically go to her. - Yup. - You are already linked up to her. Okay. I’m already linked. Okay, that doesn't change. - No. - Yeah. Okay. So, we are encouraging those stranded consumer, so they are encouraging me Cheryl Smith, to link up with a Tupperware consultant. - Yep. - Just so that, they have somebody that they can either call or ask questions or place an order through. - Right? - Yep. - Okay. - Of course. - So now, I do that? - You do that. Okay. - And it's optional. - And it's optional. - Okay. - Of course, but you know, we strongly encourage it. Yep. But it's optional. So, the next thing is that you start entering your mold numbers. - So. - Yeah. How do I know, what a mold number is, Jen? How do I know where to find it? Okay, so if they don't already know which, sometimes, they know, they see that little teeny-tiny number on there, but we have given them instructions - on how to find it. - Okay. So we'll work on enhancing that as much as we can to make sure it is easy as possible for our consumers to find that number. Okay.So now I found that number, right? So, you found that number, you enter it there... ...Into that little, right there? - Yup. - I enter it and then what happens? And then next you are going to get a message and that message is going to vary depending upon the item that's entered. - So... - Okay. If the same item is a direct replacement is available. Great! You move on, it will let you know that, there may be a color option, that's available, - sometimes some other pieces do have a color option. - Okay. In which case, it will let them know, that option is available and they can select which one they want? - Okay. - There is also... If the item isn't available, so if it's not available, its obsolete. What we know is obsolete, then it will let them know that it's not available and that they can then get a store credit for that. - Yeah. - Okay. - There is one more. - There is one more? Yeah, so in the event that there is an item and we've tried to educate them coming up to this point of, what they can warranty online versus what they would be required to send in still. So, if they still enter that item, they try to warranty it online, it going to give them the air that they need to send it in. So, for example, I have been a Tupperware lover for a long, long, long time, 'cause I am not old, that I am seasoned! - And I have what we used to call our 'Ultra 21'. - Yep. It's my lasagna pan and I love it! Okay? But… And now both the handles have chipped, but now I've got a crack on the side, I need it to be replaced, right? Yeah, so that could be a great example of one. Okay. And that would be something then, that Tupperware would request me to send it in to them. - Right? - Okay. So… And if it's something that they have to send back into the company. One of those items that we don't replace automatically it will prompt them - on this menu, right? - It will give them the instructions. Yep. - Okay. And then tell them what to do. - Yup. - Perfect. Okay. So… - Okay. All right, so now I'm getting my whatever. Yeah. So now you've inputted everything that you had that you want to warranty. The next screen that it's going to take you to its going to ask you to give us a reason for the warranty so that's your normal chipping, - cracking, - cracking, breaking, peeling… So if the dog chewed it. Right? It got melted on the stove, all of that kind of stuff, that is not covered under our warranty. - No. - Okay. So they put a reason for each of the items, and then we're going to ask them - also to upload an image. - Okay. So, we want to see, we want to have the visual of what the damage actually is of each of those pieces. Right. So for every… When we're warranty out three different pieces, - I would attach three different images, right? - Correct. Of each piece, and then give a little description of what's wrong with it. Like, if it's my old canister seal, right, and it's cracked, then I would just say “Canister Seal Cracked”, - and then take a picture and upload it. Right? - Correct. Okay. So all right. And then what happens after I do all of that? Okay. So once you've done all that, then you click “Next”. Now, if it's going to ask for your credit card information… So this is if you have a direct replacement that was available or our color choice, it's going to ask you for the credit card information. And this is so that, when the request is approved, that then you are charged shipping and tax on that shipping. - Okay? Okay? So all returns online do have a shipping and tax… Correct. - …Associated to them, right? - Yup. - Okay? - Okay. All right, so I think that's pretty easy right here. Right? Because we are showing you the screen, right, so… But, because we are filling out the credit card information. However, this item, before my credit card is charged, has to be approved. Correct. So once… So this is just the customer submitting the request. So once they complete that, then that request is then sent to our Customer Care department, and they review all of the requests, and then they will approve, or if they needed additional information, they would contact the customer at that point, or they would deny the request. - Okay. - So... And this typically would be based on, if they could see clearly the damage was because the dog chewed it, or… - It got melted on the stove. - Right? Or it stained. Right. Something that's not covered under our warranty. So here, guys, just for all of you, this is a process, just so that you know that there is. We are going to be looking at that, right? So that, we will cover what truly is covered by our warranty, but if it's not covered by the warranty, then it will not be replaced. - Correct. - Okay. So… And then once it's been approved, and y'all are fixing to send it, right, - that's when my credit card is charged. - Correct. Right? So I am giving them the information when I'm submitting it, but it's not charged until the actual approval goes through and the item is being shipped. - That's correct. - Yep. - Okay. Perfecto. - Oh, you can… It's okay. They always do that, guys, they always stop. And we always say, “Just keep coming.” Okay. All right. So now, it's been approved. It's been, yeah. Well, so a couple of email communications are sent. So first, once the request is submitted, then an email is sent, a confirmation email, really, to the consumer that submitted it, as well as to the consultant if they have linked up to a consultant. Okay. So, I now am linked up to Anna, so Anna… So Anna is going to get an email that letting her know that a custumer has gone online and submitted a "Warranty Request". And then I am going to get - that same confirmation email. - Correct. - Okay, that's the first one, right? - Yeah. So then once it's approved or the status of that, then the new person, I mean, the customer gets that as well as Anna - as the consultant, she would be notified as well. - Okay. And so this a really great opportunity for the consultants, to then make a connection with that consumer and just… …store credit, because y'all call it store credit, because they are shopping with it online, right? So if I have a store credit, is that store credit based on what I, as a consultant see, in my warranty, right? When I'm giving credit to somebody at a party, Tupperware… We are doing the exact same, - The exact same. - Right? - The exact same. There is no difference. Right? - Yup. Okay. Okay. So, if I have a store credit… Yeah, we're gonna go back to this now. Okay, so… Yeah. And we might have gone a little out of order, we might have skipped over this in the slides, but let's go back to store credit - and talk about that a little bit. - Yeah. Right here. So with store credit, so if someone submitted an item, and they're supposed to get store credit, Customer Care is going to contact them and try to see if they can work out - a comparable replacement. - Okay. So, they would contact them, trying to get the comparable if, for whatever reason, they can't come to an agreement on what a comparable item would be, or the customer just wants store credit, then the store credit would be loaded into their account and they could then use it for future orders. Okay. So, if I have 3 items, Jen, I'm replacing a seal. Right? I'm replacing, I don't know… a cracked bowl for whatever reason… My freezer may cracked, okay, but then I have my Ultra 21. So, I am getting a store credit for that. So, do I spend my store credit right then and there, so everything ships together, or does my two items get shipped because are the two that you can replace, and I am charged the shipping and then I have a credit to use at a later date? Yeah, so your two items will be shipped, and then the credit you can use at a later date. - Okay? - Okay. - All right. - Perfect. So… And once again, if I am cookied to Anna, - then Anna would shop on my Tupperware… - Correct. On my website\girlfriend. Okay. She would shop on my website, right? - Yeah. - Okay. Perfect. And then anything actually that they spend, that's over the store credit, then the salesforce member gets credit for. Gets credit for it. So, perfecto. And the nice thing about this, guys, is if I am a stranded consumer and I do search out and find a consultant, Anna is also emailed along the way on everything that's happening with me… …so once my two replacements are sent, Anna is going to get a confirmation email, just like I do, so then Anna can follow up with me in 3-5 days. “Hey, Cheryl, this is Anna Walker,” you know? “And I am a local Tupperware consultant in your area. And I'm just calling to see, did you receive your two replacements for your seal and your Freezer Mate, right? - Exactly. - So, it's just really good, good customer service, for her to be able to do that. And if I have a store credit, right, then I can talk to Anna or Anna can talk to me about some ways to use that in some of her favorite pieces. Or pieces like… “Cheryl, you've liked Tupperware for the last 27 years. Did you know we have a brand-new…” Blah, blah, blah… Like, “No, I didn't know that.” “Well, you can apply your store credit to that,” and like you said, the overage, - I could get sales credit for it, too. Right? - Yup. So, keeping the salesforce, keeping you connected to customers at all times is the top priority. Right? - Of course. Always. -Because you'd provide the best consumer service. Right? - Okay. - Okay. We're gonna move on. - All right. - Okay. So I think we are done with warranty. Yeah, I think, it's pretty… It's pretty cut and dry, right, Jen? Everything, there's a screen that pops up or a little window that tells them whether, you know, why, what it is, they have to fill that in. They attach the images. If at any time a customer gets stuck in the process, they still do have the option of calling, correct? Of course. Okay. So that option is always there. This is just a better way to provide consumer service for them. So if I want to replace my Tupperware 1'o clock in the morning, custumer care is not open, I can just go online and do it. - Right? - Yep. So, providing them with an easier experience when they're replacing their warranty. But at the end of the day, guys, what you're doing at your Tupperware parties, you know, we will still encourage you to do that, so that you're taking care of your customers. Because if they're placing an order with you, you just take care of their replacement on that order guys, And it's seamless, right? And then that replacement comes - and it's delivered with their order. Right? - Yeah. Or if you are giving them a credit, they're spending the credit at the party, so that the hostess gets the credit for the difference - and so do you. So… - Okay. - Okay. - All right. I think that's good. So, are we taking questions now? Or we taking questions at the end? No questions. - No questions. Yay! - Yay! You guys rock! What? Okay. So there's questions, but Jermaine will be answering them. Okay. And so nothing that we need to talk about, right? Okay. Perfecto. Okay. - Perfect. - Okay. Okay, so then, you know what, I think we'll go ahead and we are going to move on to…

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2017 - Warranty Online (English)

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