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Postman Pat- Magic Christmas

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What do you think of me beard, Jess? Wait till you see the whole outfit. I'm dressing up as Santa Claus for the party tonight. I can't wait to see everyone's face when I... ...I mean, when Santa walks in. Dear Santa, I hope you can make it to Greendale for Christmas. What I'd really like for Christmas is... very own aeroplane! No, I've already got one. What do I want for Christmas? Now, what do I need? Eggs... ...yes... Flour... ...yes... Mum... I can't think what to put in my letter to Santa. ...and it's Christmas Eve! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll think of something, Julian. Good morning! Oohh, what are you making? I thought I'd make a Christmas cake for the party tonight. I wonder if Santa likes Christmas cake. Maybe we should leave a piece for him just in case. Oh, yes! I'd better get on, I've got lots of extra Christmas parcels and cards to deliver today. Oh, well, at least it's not snowing. Snow! That's it! Eh? Dear Santa, I hope you can make it to Greendale for Christmas. and what I'd really like for Christmas is... ...snow! Do you think Santa will get this in time? I'll make sure of it, I promise Thanks, dad Hello, Charlie. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas Are you looking forward to the party later? Yes, and there's going to be a special guest and everything! Who is it? I don't know, it's a secret. Who is it, dad? What makes you think I know who it is? 'Cause you know everything, dad. You'll find out soon enough. Come on, Charlie, he's not going to tell us. Let's go play. I'm sure I had flour. Where's it gone? Well, it can't have gone far. I'll help you look for it. Oh, I wish it would snow! Then Christmas would be perfect! Hmm, is this snow? What are you talking about? Look! Come on, let's investigate. Snow?! no, it's flour. Jess... Oh, dear, I can't find the flour anywhere, I'll have to go get some more It's a mystery. Just like your secret party guest. Come on, Pat, give me a clue. Nope. I don't know who's worse, you or Julian. Oh, no, I should be at the post office by now. Mrs. Goggins will be wondering where I've got to. You will be able to make it to the party later, won't you? I wouldn't miss it for the world, Sarah. Cheerio- Bye, bye, Pat Well, looks like it is snowing after all! Oh, well, I'd better be prepared. Great idea, Charlie! Who needs real snow anyway? That's strange... the snow stopped. Oh... it's all gone! That flour must be in here somewhere. Is that you, Julian? Have you seen a pack of flour anywhere? Uh... (Let's go sledging) Julian? Oh! Oh, Jess! So that's where all the flour's gone! Oh, dear! Mrs. Goggins? I'm here! Merry Christmas, Pat. And to you too, Mrs. Goggins. Looks like we've got a busy day ahead of us Yes, we certainly got our work delivering this lot in time for Christmas Oh...and don't forget about the party. I've heard there's a very special guest coming along. Yesss. so I hear. 1, 2, 3...push! It's no use, Charlie, This is hopeless. Hello, Bill What are you two looking so miserable about? It's the sledge. It won't budge without snow. You don't need snow... don't we? No! I'll get it going for you. Come with me. Perfect. All I need now is the mixing bowl. What's going on? Jess! I should have known! Morning, Pat. Merry Christmas Hello, Ajay. Special delivery for you Grand, I've been waiting for that. Oohh, you've been busy. Well, with the special guest coming to the Christmas party, I thought I'd better make a good impression. He might come by train. Maybe... what's in the parcel, then? I'll show you. Hello, Pat Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Nisha And you, Nik. You're just in time to try one of my sweet spice. Uhhmm, they smell great, Nisha. I hope they're OK, I made them for the party tonight. For the special guest. Thank you. I hope the guest has a good appetite. Oh, maybe I should make a few more, just in case. Bye, Pat. Cheerio, Nisha. Could you give me a hand with this, Pat? What on earth are you going to do with that? Well, I can't let the Greendale rocket miss out on all the festivities now, can I? Perfect! Nice and sticky. How did you get the sledge to go without any snow? Easy, I put me old skateboard wheels underneath. Look! Can we have a go? Jess, Jess, come here! Jess, Jess, don't go under the table, come here! Oh, you are naughty, come here, come here this minute! It's only a wooden spoon, what's all the fuss about? This doesn't look right at all, I nearly gave the game away. Hello, there. Are you lost? Hmm, yes, I think I might be. I'm trying to get to Greendale. I've got some business to attend to there. Erm, I could give you a lift if you like. As long as you don't mind coming on my rounds with me. That's very kind of you. It will be nice to see how it's usually done. That was great! But I know something we definitely can't do without snow. What's that? We can't make snowmen! No, but I know something we can make... What? You'll see! So, do you know Greendale well, then? No, not really. I only get out here once a year and it's usually snowy. I much prefer it when there's snow, and my vehicle runs much better. You sound just like my son, he's even written to Santa asking for snow for Christmas. Well, stranger things have happened. Will this do? It's perfect! Look! Sorry. You're right, we didn't need snow after all. This is the best no-snow-man ever. I'll just get the oven nice and warm... A bit to the left, Ted... a bit more... ..that's perfect. Our special guest will be impressed. Aren't you going to tell me who it is, then? Only Pat knows. And he's keeping it a secret. Hello. Who's this? You'll be wanting the letters for Jeff Pringle and Ted Glen, right? I didn't know you knew Jeff and Ted. Oh, yes. I've known them since they were little boys. Well, I never... Hello, Pat. Got a helper today then, 'ave you? Yes, I need all the help I can get, Ted. I've got so many parcels and letters I hardly know what to do with them. There you go. Thanks, Pat. And you, Jeff. Well, thanks, Pat. So..who's the mystery guest, then? It wouldn't be a mystery if I told you, would it? Erm, must be off, then. Cheerio. That party Jeff mentioned, is it at the school hall? That's right I'm sure you'd be welcome to come along. That's very kind of you. I'll see what I can do. Are you going, Pat? Yes, I have to be there. I've got a very special surprise for everyone. I just hope I make it in time. We'd better get on with these deliveries, then, hadn't we? I'm exhausted. I hope this cake is worth it. Well, sounds like you think so, Jess. i don't think I could have managed without you today. Nonsense, thanks to you there'll be lot of smiling faces tonight. So, you'll be able to keep your appointment, then? Yes, what about you? Will you be able to get to your party in time? I hope so. I don't want to disappoint everyone. Look out! Oh, dear! Erm, are you OK? Don't worry about me, Pat. I'm used to a lot worse than that. I'm not the best driver. Once we even slipped clean off a roof. Off a roof? Why don't we see if we can get it moving? That looks like we're stuck fast. Not for long. I've got just the thing. Oops! I should have brought my wellies too. Here, try these for size. I always carry a spare pair just in case. They're a perfect fit. Thank you. I wonder who the special guest for the Christmas party is. Maybe it's a fairy! No, don't be silly! What about a pop star? Gosh! You think they'll give me their autograph? We don't even know who it is yet. Maybe it's a scientist. A what? Well, it's only a suggestion. Well, whoever it is, I can't wait! I'm going home to get ready. See you at the party! Bye! You'd think you've been doing my job for years! Just stop here, please. But we're in the middle of nowhere. Are you sure this is right? Quite sure, Pat. Thanks for the lift. No problem Thank you. Oh, it was nothing. It's all in a day's work for me. What line of work is that exactly? Oh, he's gone. I forgot to give him his boots back. Oh, dear! It's starting to get dark. I'm running out of time. Hi, mum. Bye, Mum. Got to get ready for the party. Julian, uh... OK, I think we're all ready. But mum... what about dad? Don't worry, Julian, he'll be there. Oh, dear! I'm gonna be late! I won't even have time to change! So, when's the special guest arriving, then? Beats me, no one seems to know anything about it And I've got the gleaming but I haven't had any passengers. Well, I haven't seen anyone and I've been out decorating the tree all day. Oh, dear, the children will be disappointed. What am I going to do with all those mince pies? Don't worry, I'm sure they'll get eaten. I haven't missed the special guest, have I? No, don't worry. We're still waiting. But where's Pat? I thought he'd be with you. No, sorry, dear. I haven't seen him since he went off on his rounds this morning. Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas, everyone. Santa!! Well, I never! No wonder he didn't come by train. Indeed! Who needs steam when you've got reindeer power, eh? Who wants a present? Me! Me! Santa! Please! Mum! Mum! Look! Where's dad? I need to tell him all about it! Don't worry, Julian, he'll be here soon. Oh! Now, young man, what would you like for Christmas? A toy train, eh? How did he know what he said? Because it's Santa! Well, children, I'm afraid it's time for me to go. You see, I've got a very busy night ahead of me, because you know what day it is tomorrow, don't you? It's Christmas day! That's right. So, goodnight, everyone. Bye, Santa! See you next year! Wait, Santa! You haven't met my dad! Oh, thank goodness I've made it. You're too late, dad. Oh, dear! I'm sorry, Julian. Is everyone disappointed that the special guest didn't arrive? But he did! It was Santa, and you missed him! Nice one, Pat. You had us all going there. Oh, yes, Pat, well done. You made a wonderful Santa Claus. But I.. but I...don't.. But if dad was pretending to be Santa... where's the real one? Oh, Santa's very busy on Christmas Eve, Julian. That's why he has helpers, like daddy. I see. What do you mean, Santa was here? Oh, you are a joker, Pat, but what a lovely evening we've had! Look at all the smiling faces! Here we are. Night, night, Julian. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Santa. Wh-what was that noise? Santa??! Hello, Julian. Dad! Mum! It's Santa! Yes, it's me I've got presents for all of you. I hope you like the boots, Pat. And Sarah, the cake is delicious. Thank you It really is you!! Of course! And I've left an extra present for you outside, Julian. You have?! Just what I wanted! Snow! Thank you, Santa! Merry Christmas everyone! Merry Christmas! Look!

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Magic Xmas

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