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De vreemde vermogens van het placebo-effect

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Now you've all heard about the placebo effect before when something with no known therapeutic value makes people feel better. It's a great trick our mind is playing on us. That by believing and expecting something to work it actually does. But what's weird is that he strength of the effect can differ for really strange reasons. For example: The same placebo can treat pain half as well as aspirin while at the same time it treats pain half as well as morphine. Morphine is a much more powerful pain killer. But a placebo is half as effective as both? Saying a placebo will reduce pain, reduces pain. But saying that the same placebo will increase pain, increases pain. Believing that a placebo will make you feel better will make you feel better. Believing that it won't, has the opposite effect. Now, placebos aren't just pills. They can be creams, injections, surgery or drinks. You can even get placebo buttons. They don't actually do anything, but they sure make you feel like you're in control. But not all placebos are equal. The effect of the placebo is bigger when the pill itself is bigger. Or if you have two instead of one. Or two once a day instead one twice a day. And a capsule will usually beat a pill. And a syringe will usually beat a capsule. And anything with a big science-machine can outperform any of them. A plain pill works worse than a branded one. A discounted pill works worse than a pricey one. And even a pill in a plain box does worse than one that is shiny when shipped. Placebos that are blue work best as downers. And placebos that are red are better as uppers. Studies have shown that people who take their meds on a regular basis are less likely to die than those who don't. Even if those meds are all placebos. You can even get addicted to placebos. In one study a group of women took placebos for more than five years. 40% of them suffered withdrawal afterwards. In fact, the effect of placebos can be so strong that some people want them banned from sports. But how will they even test for that? Placebos don't even seem to work from place to place. For example, in Germany using a placebo to treat ulcers works better than anywhere else in Europe. But using a placebo that treats hypertension doesn't work nearly as well as it does for its neighbours. Now remember that all of this is about comparing things that both have nothing medical effect in them. Which goes to show that the placebo isn't about what's in it, but about the belief that we load onto it. Our minds create the medicine and that's pretty freakin' weird.

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Posted by: ridelo on Oct 6, 2011

Een kijk op de vele vreemde uitwerkingen van placebo's.

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