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Coconut The mountain was big and now it´s disappearing. My name is Almeida. I´m a handyman. You can use the coconut to cook. You can use it to make biscuits. It can be used to make curry, milk The coconut milk is a good thirst quencher. The fruit of our sacrifice here we are going to eat with our families. I can prove myself. I´m not officially married but I have my lady. I have my daughter and I have 2 of my brothers under my care. My daughter is going to start school next year but my two brothers already study. And where do they get a uniform and notebook? It´s from this. Instead of carrying single coconuts, we, or our clients sometimes use a sack. They put the coconuts in the sacks, sew the sack and then put it in the car. Now, when things are like this, sometimes we call our families. We are not marginal people, those of us that come from here. Because this is a job that requires a lot of strength. Whoever didn´t eat, whoever was out all night drinking, won´t survive this work. They take the coconuts to Maputo, Beira, Nampula to resell. So, the profit of their work is not equal to ours. I´m not a merchant. I said at the beginning that I was a transporter a facilitator to load the client´s cargo. So, for example We could get a woman that bought, say, seven thousand coconuts. To load them in the car by herself, two or three at a time. She can't handle it. See, we load the coconuts five at a time. So if there are five of us, the first 100 coconuts that we count, we already have 2500 coconuts.

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Country: Mozambique
Producer: Youth in Mozambique
Director: Youth in Mozambique
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Posted by: yetammoz on Nov 22, 2009

Oleo de coco feito manualmente

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