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Travel Guide - Las Vegas, Nevada

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Hi, Welcome to I'm your host, Christine.Often referred to as "Sin City", today, we'll be taking a closer look at Las Vegas. Las Vegas is internationally known for its extravagant hotels, casinos, and clubs. The most populated city within the state of Nevada and the largest city founded during the 20th Century. The center of gambling in The United States, Las Vegas is marketed as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and is Famous for its massive, lavish casino resorts. It is also commonly known as Sin City. The major attractions in Vegas are the casinos. The most famous casinos line Las Vegas Boulevard South . - also known as the Vegas Strip Many of the largest hotel casinos and resort properties in the world are located on the Strip. Within the city, a great deal of grass, trees, and greenery is seen, whereas the outskirts consist of a dusty, rochy landscape. It is easy to see that Las Vegas' climate is that of a desert. Sunshine almost every day, next-to-zero rain, and at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You can't go to Las Vegas without seeing a show. It is truly the entertainment capital of the world. Whether your tastes are tradicional or more contemporary, you'll find something that will amaze and delight you... ...thanks to the wide variety of concert halls and perfonmance spaces, Vegas is a regular tour stop for many of many of the world's leading acts. It's not only flashy lights; those interested in golf will have the opportunity to play in several different golf courses. With more than 60 courses in the Vegas area catering to every skill level and budget, there is no shortage of options. Vegas has became a global shopping destionation. Las Vegas Boulevard South is more than just a playground. Its one of the world's great shopping streets: huge outlet malls with exclusive boutiques and exquisite casino resorts. On the strip shoppers will find everything from hout couture to traditional Vegas souvenirs. Whether an individual is quiet and reserved, or loud and outgoing... ...Las Vegas caters to the interests of all people of all ages, includes children, all throughout the year.

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Posted by: karter on Jan 24, 2011 presents... A handy travel guide for anyone visiting the city of excesses, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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