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Terry Mason Bootroom Part1

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We'll be working on 1v1's defending the goal, OK, so very similar to what you've done in the past. The set-up is really simple. We're going to have four goalkeepers in the goals and one person in the middle, OK. I'm going to play you a ball into any of the goals. You've got to try and make four passes and then once you've received that fourth pass you can then go and run towards the goal and try and beat the keeper. Person in the middle, what's going to happen is, you're going to try to intercept the passes, if you do intercept it, what do you think you might do? You can go 1v1, if you concede you swap, with the middle man. Are we ready? Who wants it? Yes, play again then. That's 1, 2, 3, 4, good travel then. Help him, help him. OK, unlucky. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] So obviously there he's leant back. He's not really got down the line of the ball so that's something I'll talk to him about when we finish Part 1. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Who wants it? Go on then you can have it that's 1, 2, 3, 4. Go then travel, travel 3, 2. What a save. Oh excellent. Go on, play on then, Ready I'll count them for you then. Ready, 1. 2 3 and 4, good. Travel 1v1. Fantastic save, play on. Excellent. If Westey's passed you the ball, you can't then travel back to him. You've got to go to one of the other two goals. Can you bring this out the air? Play. That's 1. And 2, 3, 4 good, travel 1v1. Well done. Oh well done, excellent narrowed the angle really well there, that's really good. Right what I'm going to do is I'm going to reduce the amount passes, rather than 4, we're going to do 2. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] So just looking at that there, 4 passes is too many, so just reduced the passes. So hopefully now there'll be in more 1v1 scenarios. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Well done. You put him off didn't you, traveling down the line, well done. Guys as he got towards the ball then, what did he do with his hands? Brought them a little bit lower didn't he. Excellent goalkeeping, really good. That's 1 and 2, nice skills. Oh what a save, out of bounds. Well done, good bravery. You're going to have about 30 seconds, and I want you to tell me A what went well. Now bear in mind we're talking about 1v1's, so what went well and even better if you did something different or added to something. Make sense? Chat as a group. 30 seconds and I'm going to pick one of you to feedback. Go. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] So now just give them a little bit of time on their own. I'll start to earwig and see what they're saying. See if I can pick up on any points and get them to expand on it. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] What went well, then what do we say? Go on Sam you've got your hand up. [PLAYER:] It went well because we were shutting the angles down and our hands were nice and low to make the save but we were still keeping our body up. Yeah I like that, you did that brilliantly didn't you, you know when you narrowed the angle, put Westley off didn't you, put it over the bar. [PLAYER:]I said one thing we could improve on was, don't guess one way. Like that there, I went one way and I didn't shut down [COACH:] So do you think you over anticipated he was going to go to your right and put it in the bottom corner? Yeah. Good strikers will do that. They'll faint to go one way and put it the other. OK, let me just expand on that point there. If somebody is traveling towards you, are you going to start narrowing the angle as they are about to shoot? [PLAYER:] No, you've got to stop. Stop and ? [PLAYER:] Search. So why stop and search, why don't you keep going? [PLAYER:] He can go round you if you keep going because your moving. Yeah your speed is going to take you out, you're not set exactly. So we're going to go 2 passes, I quite like the way that worked. And then this time when you get it say it's you there rather than have to go 1v1, you can make it game realistic. So we can do anything that he might do in a game. So he might use Sam, he might have a touch and shoot, he might hit it first time. OK so say you had a shot, Charlie at Westey, Westey you catch it. You now have to go and travel towards the goal, in a 1v1 situation. Hey what's going on, 1. Oh good disguise, love that. Go on then you can score. Great save. How many seconds have we got to score? 3, Yeah. So we'll make it nice and realistic to the game. Ready, let's go then. 1. Excellent. Guys, what did he do really well there as the ball traveled from Charlie to Alfie? [PLAYER:] He came out. He came out. What else did he do? [PLAYER:] He slowed down. He slowed down, what else did he do? [PLAYER:] He got his hand nice and low. He got nice and low. He set himself but what was my point to you a second ago about your shoulders? You kept them forward for that split second longer, which allowed you to bring the hand into play. Ready then let's go. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] So they've got the gist of the session here, they're understanding the rules. They're narrowing the angle well. They've got a good understanding of what's happening. So it's a case of just stepping back really and just seeing if there's anything else I can pick them up on. And then towards the end when I bring them in, just seeing if they're noticing anything. But at the minute they seem to be, great save, they seem to be getting the idea of it. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Well stood up as well. 1 Good, excellent area as well. [APPLAUSE] Little ripple from the crowd as well, I like it. Let's go [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] So again just talking about the fundamentals of the DNA really. So it is a 1v1 practice. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Great finish no chance there. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] It's a 1v1 practice but by starting the practice with their receiving and passing skills it's just touching on those fundamentals as well. So what went well? Have a little chat and give me some answers. I'll tell you what we'll do, you can only talk when you're holding the ball. OK, lets go. [PLAYER:]We were covering the area nicely and when the player was coming I was smothering the goal and making it smaller. But when we were coming out we were stopping the ball as well, we weren't running into them, we were slowing down. What type of saves were you using? Hold they hold the ball. Ruthless, ruthless took his eye out. Some blocks weren't there, some reaction stuff as well. So different types of save. If the striker has a big touch out with his feet, you can dive on it, and what's that called? [PLAYER:] It's called a smother. Correct answer.

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