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Dying with a Smile. Sadhguru

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See,If somebody has to smile at his death, then that human being has lived a very relaxed life When death comes if he lets violence go definitely this person has control over his life and death, isn't it? Isn't it so? Now death is coming and this moment you're leaving If in this moment you can leave with a smile on your face because most people cannot smile in their lifetime isn't it? yes? people cannot smile, they are walking outside it is springtime but you don't see a smile on their face everything in nature is fine with them but they can these people smile at the moment of death what chance? Isn't it? If someone has to smile at the moment of death definitly he has a little more control, a little more mastery over life's situations isn't it? It was his fault because he started the fire. Yes it may not say anything about the way he has lived Now I may have lived a wonderful life but today I am driving and I'm doing 158 I take one mistake, just one mistake it can finish my life off isn't it? Isn't that so? So this has nothing to do how I have lived my life it's just, ah, one stupid mistake in driving process can take your life Now you are getting burned in a car or an office or wherever sitting quietly smiling and dying is very difficult because, ah, your body is still fully healthy it doesn't die easy now it's burning the burning has to kill you but for some other person, life is ebbing away for some other reason it is simply old age, what ever The life energies have lost their vibrance now it leaves easily there's no tearing ..........and your body is in bondage if your life energies are very vibrant and there it won't leave the body easily slowly as time passes as the body of karma disapates then your life energies become disapated when they have lost their vibrancy you can slip out of the body much more easy So at that time it is a much better opportunity for a person to die with a smile on his face because tearing of you and the body is very easy to do it's become ripe when its not ripe and you tear it in an artificial way, forceful way now, smiling and going is difficult but not impossible still possible Now ah, suppose I crash my car and I'm dying, everything is broken in the body and ah, I think oh my gosh I never crashed my car like this in a long time, possible I will, if I die like that you will see, if I crash that car, you will still find me with a smile. ....................because of the irony of it, Oh my God I have crashed my car like this? It's like, let's say a great race champion let's say Shoemaucher just now he crashed in a parking lot and right now he's dying maybe he would laugh, you know? oh my God, after all the racing here I am, to leave the car here in parking lot, here I am dead possible, but it leaves a certain thought but generally, when your life is ripened to tear it out of your body means there is violence, there is pain , there is suffering in it so that time smiling becomes difficult the smiling or not smiling is not the issue it is just that with how much awareness you are leaving that's the issue If you leave here aware, you will smile isn't it? If you are caught up in a situation, you cannot smile The people on the street, especially in Europe they are not smiling, not because something has gone wrong in their lives they are not smiling because they are so caught up in whatever their nonsense. and they are so caught up, even if they are living a princely life still they cannot smile because they are caught up with their life not because life is bad isn't it? not because they are not eating they are not smiling they're not smiling because they're entangled in their life Everything may be happening properly but they are so entangled they cannot smile So it is the entanglement you are able to smile at the time of your death or not smile simply shows the level of entanglement of your life. anyway when you die, better People who are initiated by me they must smile dying They must smile to live but they definitely smile dying You should definitely smile dying

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seekers asks: Does how a human dies say anything about his life? To die with a smile is a phenomenal thing, most people cant smile during life let alone death. (AO31)

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