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The Gerson Miracle

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The cure for cancer has been discovered. In 1928. The cure for virtually every form of chronic disease was discovered even earlier, purely by accident. By one man. A German Jew named Dr. Max Gerson. Although his discoveries were adhered to by Hitler and the Nazi Party, Dr. Gerson's family paid the ultimate price. Dr. Gerson's seven siblings perished in the Holocaust. But their attempts to entrap him were in vain. Dr. Gerson's unprecedented gift of healing the hopeless lives on. "I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine." Dr. Albert Schweitzer - Nobel laureate The Gerson Miracle These scenes before your eyes would be incomprehensible 100 years ago. What is become daily normal life, is no longer synchronized with the blood that flows through our veins. Seen from this actual NASA's satellite pictures, we have illuminated the night, in a macabre celebration of our progress. Toxins kill, whether quickly or slowly over period of years, cloaked by the skies of old age. Warm air moves north and airborne transport of dioxins eventually reaches the once pristine Arctic. Arctic peoples are showing major health problems, from by accumulation of dioxins. 30 million gallons of crude oil spilled into the pristine waters of Alaska's Prince William Sound. The "Exxon Valdez" oil spill is like the Russian nuclear Chernobyl accident. They're considered historic disasters. Over 30 million gallons of oil from individual consumers in the form of automobile run off enters the ocean every week, the exact equivalent of the Exxon oil spill. In our oceans PCB's (Polychlorinated biphenyls) and over 200 other hazardous compounds are first consumed by microscopic organisms called zoo-plankton. And from there the poisons travel up the food chain to polar bears, seals and whales, and then to people. One thousandth of one millionth of a gram of dioxin can cause harm to the body. Yet, humans are now inadvertently consuming 3 to 600 times that amount every day from the Arctic to Antarctica. Trees - the very living organisms that clean the air and produce the oxygen we breathe are sliced off at the ground with the most careless abatement if there is a unlimited supply. In North America alone we have intact only 2% of our wilderness areas of a century ago. At one point it had been said that a tree squirrel could jump from tree to tree following the hardwood with coniferous forest belts from the east coast to the west coast. Global human populations have became a problem only because of our collective consumption at the expense of the environmental sustainability. And the illusion of instant economic reward feeds the self-destruction. We are refusing to live in harmony with nature and our bodies are the alarm clock. In the late 1940's, the incidence of cancer was 1 in 16. Today it is one in two in industrialized nations. Cancer. Cancer cells are essentially parasitic and immortal. It do not develop special functions. Merrily developing their own blood vessel network, to save the nourishing away from the normal cells, and then grow to such abnormal state then they will kill their own host. In addition to this ugly killer, a plethora of other chronic diseases is dramatically rising. Shockingly, now the chance of each of us getting cancer or some other chronic disease at some point in our life, is almost assured because of two key factors that are the underlying cause: deficiency and toxicity. This discovery was at the core of the young MD research his name is Dr. Max Gerson. As a boy in Germany, in the late eighteen hundreds, Max loved to play in the forest and gardens of his grandmother fascinated by what he observed. He watched with great interest He noticed the earthworm's adverse reactions to these toxins, and they would crawl out and away. Day by day he gained insight in the relationships between plants and the nutrients they gained from the soil. Young Max concluded from these and many litter observations that the soil and all that goes in it is nothing something distant from us, and it must be regarded as our external metabolism which produces the nutrients for our internal metabolism. Therefore, the soil must be cared for properly, it must not be depleted and poisoned, otherwise it changes result in serious degenerative diseases in animals and humans. Under the microscope, actively cells known as chloroplasts, busily undertake the process of manufacturing chlorophyll and the miraculous process of photosynthesis begins. These live cells and enzymes in vegetation are the nucleus of what we need to ingest to heal a sick body or maintain a healthy one. Prior to receiving his doctorate as a medical student, Max Gerson suffered from severe and repeated migraine headaches leaving him essentially unable to function for days. After three years of experimenting, Dr Gerson was able to eliminate his migraines completely, by eating only certain raw fruits and vegetables. Apples were staple. Cooked vegetables were also included, minus the fat, salt and spices and alcohol present in the standard heavy German diet. By 1918, the word was spreading about the Gerson migraine diet. But at one occasion, a patient returned with an observation: not only have the migraine been relieved, but a skin tuberculosis also disappeared. The astounding news spread like wild fire. In April 1924, famous lung specialist Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch offered to do a clinical trial on 450 incurable skin tuberculosis patients. At the commencement of the study, Sauerbruch said to Gerson privately, that if even one patient should improved, he'd believe every word of Gerson's treatment. 446 of the 450 patients recovered. Over 99%. Dr. Gerson and his wife Gretchen had three daughters: Joanna, Gertrude and the youngest: Charlotte. Of all the children, Charlotte took a special interest in her father's work. Even as the youngster much for the delight of everyone, especially her father. By the late 1920, Dr. Gerson fame had spread throughout Europe. Especially after they cured Dr. Albert Schweitzer's wife, Helena, of pulmonary tuberculosis and Schweitzer's daughter's skin disease. When Dr. Schweitzer was 75 years old, he came to Gerson with diabetes and was also cured. Between 1933 and World War II, Gerson and his family fled Nazi persecution, eventually settling in New York. Dr. Gerson's seven siblings died in the Holocaust. Throughout the 40's, Dr. Gerson's success in his New York clinic astound the medical community, but also evoked the dark forces within it. Dr. Gerson was curing patients with cancer, and as a consequence he testified before the U.S. Senate on July 1st, 2nd and 3th in 1946, along with five of his recovered cancer patients and the medical records of five more. So astounding was his testimony that on the evening of July the 3th 1946 renowned NBC correspondent Raymond Gram Swing declared on his radio broadcast to the entire United States, that for the first time in history, it had been discovered the cure for cancer. The public response was overwhelming, staggering! Night and day the switchboard of NBC don't stopped. Out of control! Unbelievable! But what happened next was even more so. Two weeks later, Raymond Gram Swing was fired from his position at NBC that it held for over 30 years. And the Pepper Neely anticancer Bill of 1946, Document No. 8947, Although in these years Dr. Gerson's daughter Charlotte worked intensively with her father. Now married, she had a son, Howard, and a daughter, Peggy. Charlotte encouraged later her father to publish the first book in 1958: "A Cancer Therapy - The Results of 50 Cases" Published in numerous foreign languages and selling in the hundreds of thousands, this books demonstrated to the world the seemingly miraculous examples of patients with every form of horrifying end advanced cancers, given up to die by their medical doctors and surgeons. The patients came to Dr. Gerson with their biopsy reports, X-rays and other medical records and found cures under Dr. Gerson's care. Some of these patients, almost 50 years later are still alive today. Of course, although the title is about "50 cases", these merely serve as representatives of thousands of complete recoveries, well beyond the 5 years survival mark. And the miracles of recoveries by the count of thousands across the world continue to this day. At the time of his death in 1959, Dr. Gerson was tracking over 1,500 patients. The files has been preserved by his daughter Charlotte who is now in her eighties. Charlotte carries on the work of her father through the establishment of the Gerson Institute in California and a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. She loves to reminisce by Dr. Gerson's legacy. We have some letters here from Albert Schweitzer. and they had a very active correspondence - My father, Dr. Gerson and Albert Schweitzer - and his family were patients. And he also expressed in this letter his admiration of the specific cancer research that Dr. Gerson did. Of course all the letters are in German and I'm trying to translate some. As well as the remarkable results that he saw, not only with cancer patients but with his wife who had tuberculosis and their daughter, who had a very undecipherable skin disease. One of the things Schweitzer did was, he gave Dr. Gerson a gift of a carved crocodile, actually this is an elephant's tusk and the natives in Africa made it. This was a gift to Dr. Gerson by Albert Schweitzer. Many of the famous whose life were snuffed out pretty early by usual cancer, who contributed so much to society undoubtedly would still be alive today, had they either known of the Gerson therapy or follow through with it. We have seen so many patients who are returned to creativity and long lives after being told that they had 3 or 6 months to live. Charlotte established the Gerson Institute in 1977 in San Diego, California with the purpose of educating the public and patients alike about the therapy and highly effective ways with seminars, lunches, consultations, follow up cares for recovering patients, mailing of books, packets and media kits; the list of activities of the institute are as various and numerous as the patients themselves. In addition to the Gerson Institute, the Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, was established over 27 years ago to treat patients for cancer and other chronic diseases. Laws in virtually all the United States prohibit any other treatment for cancer other than radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Even though they are usually defective at best and completely ineffective at worst. Chemotherapy, for example, does not cure cancer at all and usually merely poisons and kills the patient instead of the cancer. On this particular day, two medical doctors from Czechoslovakia, consult with the Anita Wilson - who is executive director - by the possibilities of opening a hospital in Czechoslovakia. ... strengthens the immune system, rid the body of years and years of accumulated toxins from the way we live... I've been so impressed with the international interest in this work. Not a day goes by that we don't hear something from a patient or a physician, or a group of people perhaps interested in starting a clinic or a support group. Many of the staff of the Gerson Institute have had personal experiences of the potent effectiveness of the Gerson therapy. Carroll Beard - President of Gerson Institute. I first met Charlotte Gerson in 1975, my daughter was 9 years old at that time and had suffered from asthma attacks, almost every other month. She had an asthma attack that lasted 7 days. When I heard about the Gerson therapy, it sounded good to me and made sense I went home and practically throw everything out of the coverts, changed her way of eating and Debbie never had another asthma attack. In 1999 I started getting sick. And experiencing a lot of pain, chronic fatigue In high school I was in one of those dieters anorexic and bulimic when it wasn't really written about. I think I destroyed my digestive tract. The doctors couldn't diagnose me, but exactly they said irritable bowel syndrome. They weren't sure. They finally gave me a CAT (Computer-Aided Tomography) scan I had a fight for that It took about a year of arguing to get a CAT scan which revealed some lesions and tumor on my liver. They said that one was suspicious of metastasis, but they didn't think so, they wanted to wait and see. Well, I knew about the Gerson therapy, so I decided I would just go on the therapy. A year later that same tumor, the one that they thought could be a metastasis was gone. Totally gone. And my energy was back, the pain had left the soon as I had start eating the foods. It was just the way to go for me. I used the medical doctors as a diagnosis and knew already what I was going to do. There are several interesting things about the Gerson Therapy, but one I'd like to mention is the healing reactions. I was 16 in an automobile accident. When I was 16 years old my face hit the windshield and I had over 150 stitches in my face. After being in the therapy for about a year, I noticed one day when I was rubbing my nose, that I can feel the bone in the right side of my nose for the first time. Prior to that there had been a lot of scar tissue: and lumpiness right in this area. And I could feel the bone. The scar tissue dissolves along with tumors. It's the body's reaction of healing. Another staff member Susan Brant, Charlotte Gerson's niece, at one time was diagnosed with an inoperable cervical cancer. I did the therapy 19 years ago, and so I can sit here and say Many recovered patients visit the Gerson Institute regularly, to donate their time to encourage others. Paul Sclecy. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1990, through the rectal exam, the serum gram, and the biopsy determined I had three sections of cancer, malignant cancer in the prostate and they wanted to take the prostate out the next day. I told them that "Don't call me, I call you" I didn't want that removed. In search for cancer agencies, or alternative cancer agencies, and I found Gerson. I talked with Gerson Institute and with the hospital in Mexico, and talked with the doctors and the patients. After three months, I found that I was loosing weight, I readily lost 27 pounds, and after 18 months my PSA showed 0.06 which to me was the end of the treatment. I was cured, the doctor said that I was great and that I had a better PSA than he did. I am not an easy man to go along with, because I'm unmarried. You can tell me something, but I don't believe you, until, you know, I put my hand, then I believe you. Institute Gerson, they have getting my life back. Dr. Gerson discovered early in his research, that vegetables and fruits must be juiced, to flood the body with nutrients that had been lacking within the human organism for so very long, sometimes for decades. A particular type juicing method must be utilized, however, implementing a grind and press device. When the vegetable is inserted, it is pulverized to the point the fiber cells in the vegetable are ripped open leaving a mush that falls onto a cloth ready to be pressed. Once the pressure of 1 ton is supplied, all the vegetable available nutrients and living enzymes flow out giving a potent concoction of nutrients. When juice is drunk it can enter the bloodstream almost as fast as alcohol. This juicer was originally designed of the 1930's by a scientific researcher, named Dr. Norman Walker. Dr. Walker maintained that when we provide live organic nutrients to our bodies on a consistent basis, the result would be not only vibrant health but ideal longevity of approximately 120 years of age. Dr. Walker died of June 6, 1985 at the age of 117. The effectiveness of the juicing is obvious. An enormous amount of nutrition can be captured in a glass of juice in minutes and in a few more minutes, be flowing within the veins of the patient. If these same amount was eaten, it would take hours of digestion and much of the nutrients and enzymes within the food would be burned up in the digestion effort. Dr. Gerson required his patients to drink one 8 ounce glass of juice 13 times a day. As you can see an entire day with the juices is equivalent to an enormous amount of food, which weights a little over 20 pounds a day. But you don't just drink juice. In addition, the patients also enjoy a cornucopia of delicious organic foods, that exceed the wildest imaginations. Not only is the food colorful and tasty but serves as a complement to the juices and it's once again an organic medication straight from the table of Mother Nature. But just eating different is not enough to heal a seriously ill patient. Nutrition is only half of the equation. Resolving the accumulated toxicity in the body is the second half. - I got to die from something. As detrimental to health as a cigarette symbolizes, there is a Pandora's Box of poisons and stresses on the body that are just as bad if not worse than cigarette smoke found in our day to day life. The lifestyles we now live have us dying while we are still alive and seem to be healthy. It is slow, relentless. Realizing this Charlotte Gerson included chapter about it in a book about the Gerson therapy, that underlains in layman's terms the principles of the Gerson Therapy. Within one section of the book environmental stresses that can lead to cancer are underscored. Types of these hits are in the most surprising places. Our exposition to toxic today's environment borders on the absurd. It is practicably impossible to avoid. It is analogous to dodging bullets in a hale of gunfire from multiple machine guns. Not only are there poisons we ingest, but stresses such as electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation, that interfere with the bodies own electrical circuitry and rearrange molecular structure causing damage sometimes irreversible to the brain and other organs. A typical example of daily toxic ingestion or precursor hit be when you get in your automobile prior of even starting the engine, you have already ingested dioxins given out from the dashboard to the fancy fitting of the seat. Suppose you continue your journey in stop at a motel for the evening. Perhaps you choose a non smoking room. However, someone else is taking the parking spot in front of your room and left the car idle for a short time, even for a few minutes a nightmarish mix of airborne toxins, in the car exhaust, have slipped in to your room from the space under the door. Once inside from the power switch activating electromagnetic fields to the microwave radiation leaking from the oven as its preparing of plastic rapt, heavily salted and preserved nutritious less instant dinner to the carcinogenic chemicals in the soap on the bathtub room. You are inundated with hits. The soap and shampoo are just the start however, what is reabsorbed through your skin once you turn on the bath tube faucet which will provide chlorinated and fluoridated water to help you get clean. Chlorine and fluorine help destroy the thyroid gland. The toilet seat has been sanitized for your protection. But what does that mean? The residual toxins in the chemical cleaning process of the seat will reabsorb by contact once you sit down. The toilet paper will also smear chemical and solvents to dyes into your bloodstream. The towels use chemical detergent residues that will be activated once they hit the moisture of the skin. At the bathroom sink, you may actually drink the chlorinated water from a cheaply manufactured plastic cup, that allows serious toxins from the plastic itself into the water. The freshly painted wall and it's vapors are nothing compared with plywood, and the continue emission from aldehyde gases. Over to the lamp, to get a cup of coffee to relax. It is coffee, that is been sprayed by chemical poisons, known inorganically. The artificial sugar and the artificial cream give nice a touch to the mix. The good news is that you are not going to use a cell phone to receive a placed call. That was the cell phone repeated lengthy uses have shown to interfere with and challenge the neurotransmitters of the brain. The amount of radiation from the TV will be small. When the TV set is discarded, incinerated, it come back to you via the air, water or food. This room contains a brand new carpet. The out gassing of chemicals for the next 6 months is extremely hazardous to body tissue if inhaled. As we finally turn out the light to sleep, electromagnetic fields from the clock next your head will almost imperceptibly influence the slumber and dreams one hopes to have. Even the film to make this movie uses extremely poisonous chemicals in his manufacture and processing. As ridiculous as this scenario may sound it is one more hit for your body to fight. The good news is that most of this toxins can be removed with strict adherence to the Gerson therapy. But how is this fully accomplished? The answer is organic coffee. Dr. Gerson discovered that if a patient drunk more than a pint of juice a day, the powerful enzymes would dislodge poisons in the body cell systems. And this is where the coffee comes into play. and absorbed by the liver, the liver can become overwhelmed and even damaged. And yet must get some help. Dr Gerson found that an organic coffee solution introduced rectally, stimulates the bile ducts and the liver to essentially dump captured free radicals and pathogenic poisons into the colon for expulsion through the rectum. When coffee enemas are utilized in conjuction with juice drinking it is detoxification at its finest. The immune system will now have the upper hand to destroying cancer or other degenerative conditions. But how does one make a coffee enema? It starts at the kitchen's stove, with a quarter of distilled water. Three tablespoons of dip ground coffee are brought in there. After a few minutes the burner is turned down. And coffee is left to simmer for 15 minutes. Once the coffee is done it is strained into a measuring cup. Additional water may be added to make up for water lost in steam in making the coffee. Coffee enemas are best taken in a relaxing atmosphere to ensure maximum effect. Once the coffee cools to body temperature it is poured into the enema bucket. That time the plastic stopper at the end of the hose is slit back to release the air in the end of the tube. It is then slit back in place to stop the flow of coffee until the rectum insertion is accomplished. The hose clamp is readjusted to at least 8 inches from the end of tube, for rectal insertion to that length. Once the coffee solution drains into the patient, it is retained in the colon for 12-15 minutes. During this time, the liver has a chance to absorb the coffee's caffeine and other agents. Simultaneously, the liver in turn excretes poisons into the colon for expulsion. Charlotte Gerson is not only responsible for keeping alive her fathers principles of healing, but guarding the integrity of those fundamentals and their application over the years. Hundreds of holistic physicians in the U.S. and around the world, have been trained by Charlotte in the Gerson Institute. Unbelievably, it is illegal in the United States to treat and cure diseased patient in a hospital with Gerson therapy. Because of this, Charlotte had no choice but to establish a hospital 27 years ago in Mexico. Because Charlotte resides in Southern California it's easy to her for drive regularly to advise and encourage the endless numbers of patients that arrive at the hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Under the care of a staff of physicians and nutritionists most patients who came in with an inoperable cancers and with no hope of recovery, leave within 1 to 4 weeks to continue the treatment at home. And usually, on leaving the hospital, they are well on their way to recovery. Many patients experience the disappearance of their tumors while at the hospital. And the patients pour in from around the world. By making of this film one cameraman accompanied Charlotte on a random day without any patient at the hospital being aware what was going on. The hope was that at least one of the patients would not be shy, would agree to appear on camera. Charlotte and the camera were not disappointed. The first patient that they saw was Alexandra, who graciously allowed them to enter her hospital room. She seemed in very good spirits. And we have a biopsy from March of last year, and it shows 3 or 4 tumors cancer inside you. After only about two weeks on the Gerson therapy, there is no malignant cells showing and the colon biopsy is very exciting. - I am very happy, very, very happy, to know about the Gerson therapy. After only 2 weeks on the therapy, I find after the pathologist report, that I'm free from cancer now. It's been a blessing. - You can stay well and have healthy children. Do you have children? - Yes, I can have children and I've been giving new life now. I'm planning on staying on the therapy for the rest of life, moderately, yes. It has saved my life. - What's your problem, what brings you here? - I have a primary peritoneal cancer. - And you were swollen, what did your symptoms were? - I was in Alaska, where I am from and I was diagnosed with a... I had pain. - You were diagnosed how, did you had a biopsy? - I flew to the nearby and I had a regiment of tests and they found malignant cells in ascites. I had 10 pounds of ascites - The name of the doctor? - Dr. Roe. - He did biopsy and then he was able to tell you what the problem was? - He ordered the biopsy and the pathology came back with a carcinoma. - And you had a ascites swelling - I had 10 pounds of ascites swelling in my abdomen. - And they told you, it wouldn't go away very easily? - They said that the ascites would not go away unless it was tapped. But the chemotherapy could also dry it up. Several doctors told me that. - But you didn't have chemo? - I did have chemo. - You did have chemo? Yes. How much? - One course. - And then, when did you come here? - After I was finished with my chemo. And it didn't work. They wanted me to have surgery and more chemo, and more surgery and more chemo. - Then you came here. And how long did it take for you to come down? - I lost 8 cm of my stomach in the first day I was here. - The first day? Wow. - And then its been about 2 cm a day. - Ever since. There are other patients improving dramatically that day. Not all wanted to have a movie camera pointed at them but nonetheless they conveyed their deepest joy on how they were steadily improving. To Charlotte, this day was a typical and normal one. To the cameraman it was like being witness to a miracle. Whatever you call it, it is working. The cases of full recoveries become a dizzying mix of joyous celebration and curiosity. But despite the success and statistics each and every person who is forced to stare cancer in the eye wants reassurance. Reassurance that what they have can very possibly be defeated. Always seeking new ways to cheer up, empower and restore hope to the supposed hopeless, Charlotte addressed several prevalent type of cancers in booklets. Within the pages of each booklet are personal biographies and medical records of recoveries. Many of these patients were so sick with all that maladies, that cancer was the least of their worries. But their living nightmares were transformed into beautiful dreams. "HEALING OVARIAN AND FEMALE ORGAN CANCER" "HEALING COLON, LIVER AND PANCREAS CANCER" "HEALING PROSTATE & TESTICULAR CANCER" "HEALING LUNG CANCER & RESPIRATORY DISEASES" "HEALING BREAST CANCER" Many former patients stay in touch with Charlotte Gerson and form lifelong friendships. One of these people is Debbie Wager. Debbie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 9 years ago stage 3b. My dad had told me about the Gerson Therapy. I did a research, and I was plan to do chemo. My daddy told me about this, and during the research I found out that the best way to cure yourself is to do it the healthy way. Not put more poisons into your body that will kill you. And that what chemo did... it kills your body, the good cells and the bad cells. But Gerson therapy it rebuilds all your good cells so that it will built it to digest all the bad cells and get rid of them. I did the therapy, its 9 years and I'm cured, I have not had any recurrence of cancer. I was given the diagnosis from my doctors, when they told me that I had ovarian cancer, they told me I have 6-9 months to live. You know, I don't want to go against the doctors, When you have panic attack, you believe on your doctor but I believed in the Gerson Therapy more. And I went for it. When I go down to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) I take them my blood work and my MRIs (Magnetic resonance imaging) to check, to see if everything was OK, I go to my doctor and he just looked at me and say: "I just can't believe, you're one of my cancer patients." I don't have cancer patients that come in with all the enthusiasm that you have and energy you have. That just really made me feel good every time I went in there. Seeing the patients that were in there I did not look like a normal cancer patient. To me, I have Charlotte and the Gerson Therapy to thank for that, I just... because if I would have been done the chemo, the way I was supposed to, I truly, truly in my heart, just don't think I'd be here. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I knew of three other ladies that had the same cancer I had. They also were given the 6-9 months. The longest one that had made it was 9 months. All they all three did the chemo. And I'm nearly weren't here 9 years later and I turned down chemo. I am 17 and Debbie's daughter. I was 12 years old when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. While the girls that I grow up with, we took our Summer and made my mom's juices every day and helped my mom when she was doing the coffee enemas. We go in there and play cards into try to get to take her mind off. She do her coffee enemas in the time we are asleep. She waked me up like 2 in the morning and say: "Lets go to Walmart." I'm Steve, Debbie's husband. When I first came into Debbie's life it was several years ago, when we first met, I was so touched... There is for Charlotte the reluctance to get emotionally attached to any single case, since there has been thousands, but occasionally a phone call leaves effervescent with cheer. As in this case recently in Colorado. Twelve old Stephanie was diagnosed 6.5 years ago with a Wilms' tumor. A kidney cancer seen only in children. Her parents agreed to do immediate surgery. The surgeons removed the right kidney, But during the surgery it was discovered that the cancer had spread in the vena cava. The principal vein draining the upper portion of the body But the claw the cancer had no ended there either. They discovered that the lung was too ridden with cancer. And the more horrifying still was the revelation that the cancer had made it all the way to the right chamber of the heart. The surgeon than opened her sternum and started with the remove of the tumor from the bones. From there he moved to her heart and an open-heart surgery removed the tumor from the right heart chamber. The procedure took 10.5 hours. For the next 4 years little Stephanie ravaged body endured a total of 16 surgeries, and mass of amounts of drugs, chemotherapy and radiation. But the powerful forces of cancer returned. Again and again with revengeance. Now even her liver was invaded by cancer. And both lungs were also reclaimed by the seemingly and mortal and unstoppable disease. By this time, Stephanie was about a skeleton, drained and reduced to the weight of a feather. The doctor said, now your children told us that she is not gonna be able to ah... the cancer is back and she is not gonna make it. My mom, she heard about this alternative stuff. First we went on to Tijuana and met Ms. Gerson and learned more about the diet. We went back home and then - I think it was January or something - We were down, have a Gerson, and ah... And we were doing the diet there for about 2 or 3 weeks, I think. I had come down there sick myself. Like the second week I started to notice things. That all the juices and coffee breaks, and all that stuff, that I was feeling better, I had regular disinfections all the time. And stay with the cleaning up... Then we started on the diet, sort feeling better, After having a hypoglycemic, just feel better. More energy. The food, first I thought it's a kind of weird 'cause it was it looked weird. Soup didn't taste that good at first, but after like a week it started tasting better. So, we went back home and we've been doing the treatment for two years, about. Two years since that January. From that point on, hope returned, and life began to change for the entire family. Even the dog was happy again. For now, this is obviously not a report for a totally cured patient. Stephanie has a long way to go. But the poisons are now being excreted and her body is building itself back up with powerful enzymes and nutrient forces. She is on the road to recovery. But where Stephanie's orthodox medical doctors had only given her 6 months to live two years ago, she has now astounded them, and of course, confounded them. Here, come on, boy, let's go. I've been feeling lots better, I've been having more energy, when I was on the diet. On the mommy's diet. I feel very healthy, and stronger and much better than I did. This past spring, rosy-cheeked Stephanie and her little sister visited Charlotte. Charlotte observed that they run around playing and enjoying life, as though the scourge of cancer had never visited this resilient child. For many patients, like Stephanie, that were on the Gerson therapy care, an endless series of laboratory tests are taken to adjust the therapy precisely to the needs of the patient. There are also non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical supplements called biologicals, that are utilized in a greater or lesser measure depending upon the patient's condition. One of the most important of this is a natural potassium mix of potassium gluconate, acetate, phosphate in equal amounts, that Dr. Gerson put together after doing nearly 300 experiments. This is extremely beneficial to restoring the potassium in the body's cells systems that was lost in most people on relenting use of inorganic sodium such as found in table salt and hidden within everything, from processed foods to toothpaste. Table salt is a poison. And even the iodine is not needed by the body. Added to table salt, destroys most of that value. The use of inorganic sodium causes displacement of potassium found naturally in human cells leaving them vulnerable to attack by diseases. Dr. Gerson's potassium supplement is dissolved in a quarter of distiled water and incorporated in small amounts to the juices. When it comes to fats in the diet, Dr. Gerson painstakingly searched until he found just one answer for that need: flax oil. Robert Gaffney, president of Omega Flax Oil production: Welcome to our plant here, the Omega Nutrition located in Bellingham, Washington. It's a pleasure to show you around. there comes one of the vehicles that delivers. Our plant facility is a brand new rebuilt basically from the ashes of a fire that we had in 1996. So, this is the newest, most sophisticated oil facility in North America. Basically it's a... what it would be a micro processing facility. Flax seeds are cold pressed at the temperature of less than 90°F. The pressed and ground flax seeds, essentially the left overs, are used for fertilizer and animal food. Dr. Gerson stressed that flax oil is to be ingested raw and cold. It is not a cooking oil. Flax oil delivers nutrients to the body cells effectively, as well as activating enzymes within the body, to help destroy cancer and other diseases. A true miracle oil. The Gerson Clinic, with all of the good work that Max Gerson did in the past, really understood the value of flax oil. That wasn't anything, they actually they educated us more than we could even educate them on the value and the benefits of how flax oil really helped the modalities. The use of these natural, holistic supplements on the Gerson therapy is part of customization to the specific degenerative conditions of the patient. There are many holistic approaches to healing. The Gerson therapy utilizes some of them in the recovery process. None indeed of themselves can for example cure cancer, but they can sometimes fortify Gerson's therapies effectiveness. When it comes to helping the body recover whether from a common cold or cancer, today over half the medical visits in the U.S. and Canada are to alternative therapies, despite the efficacy. And in the U.S. especially, it is estimated that are understanding and acceptance of holistic medicine is still 75 years behind the rest of the world. The only area of which established orthodox medicine in the U. S. is superlative is in the cost. Our health system is collapsing under the load of so called incurable, chronic and degenerative diseases, that Dr. Gerson cured nearly three quarters of a century ago. The foundation of the Gerson therapy is fresh organically grown vegetables for juices, salads in delectable long trays in conjunction with organic coffee for detoxification. It is imperative that patients have access to such food choices. The organic food market is increased almost 20% annually for the past 7 years, mainly as the result of the economic law of supply and demand. Mass-produced commercially grown fruits and vegetables produced with chemicals and sprays are fertilized with only three minerals: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. But the plant like the human body really needs over 50 more. As a consequence of this tiny mineral contribution in the fertilization process of commercially gown crops, the plants were sick and must be kept on life support with more toxic chemicals until market. This process is now repeated in the consumer in simplified terms. On the other hand, organically grown food is raised with natural fertilizers, of decaying matter that supplies the minerals for healthy plants. which in turn enables the plants to fight off disease and resist pest naturally. In a beautiful reflection of this process in simplified terms, the consumer now will rip the benefits of the same natural protection by eating these plants. But discerner consumers want to be reassured that what they are buying is truly organic. Meet Wes Shimoto - Foremen of an organic farm growing citrus and vegetables in Southern California. Here we're expanding our organic program and we find it's very important to provide sustainable agriculture to the community around us and throughout the U.S. I know in the past people had different prospectives of what was truly organic, and we will have some growers came in and say their grows are organic but basically by virtue of neglect. And last year the government set forth an NOP program which stands for the National Organic Program. which set aside rules and regulations for everybody to abide by if they want to become organic. So that effort set of rules and regulations such that anybody who did want to become organic will truly be in the same playing field and will have to abide by the same sets of rules. We have found that the attributes of true doing certified organic is beneficial not only for the people, but also for the ground, etc. So, that's something we truly look forward to expand upon and to provide for the local community, By popular demand, undoubtedly based largely on the discovery of the incomparable better flavor of fresh organic produce, organic farmers frequently start popular local farm stands with delicious samples of their produce for their neighbors benefit, before shipping their product to an ever increasing world market. Charlotte Gerson follows the Gerson therapy herself as a life style of prevention. that the principles of the Gerson therapy raise the bar for getting the most of life The physical senses are at their greatest acuity and the haze of mental deterioration disappears. One is resoundingly well. Now, in her eighties, Charlotte's skin has the quality and texture of someone much younger, she doesn't need reading glasses, has an alert mind, has no osteoporosis, never get sick and sustain stamina, initiative and energy that's comparable to someone in their youth. Using the Gerson therapy one need never again worry by dieting to loose or gain weight. Charlotte explains: When we are dealing nowadays extremely, seriously with obesity which has become an epidemic. And the reason is that food are so depleted, they are damaged, they are processed, dead in cans and jars and pickled and preserved, and so on. So that actually the body is not getting nutrition. And people are very hungry because eventhough they are full, they are not truly nourished. So they continually have hunger and start eating more and more, but eating the wrong things so that they become obese and are still not nourished and are still craving food. It has been said, that supermarkets are like mausoleums, where the dead food lies in state. Once heat and pasteurization takes place, the enzymes are dead making it hard to assimilate even its few remaining nutrients. Good health can exude beauty and sex appeal, not only skin deep, but all the way through the bone. The Gerson therapy is an approach to life, that galvanize the power of each and every person to experience life to the fullest and be assured of a life free of diseases and some nagging unknown medical condition. For many it also grants higher vibration or spiritual consciousness, that spans every faith and walk of life. Day to day life experiences are fought with perplexities that can be addressed to a negative or a positive way. Life changing success or failure results from our reactions to a flow of stimuli. Principles of the Gerson therapy clear the mind, to inspire positive responses to stimuli. Increases of drug addiction, crime and chronic mental illness, these afflictions too can be overcome. For example, cocaine and heroine addicts destroy their cravings for drugs in usually less than 72 hours on the therapy. The human brain is capable of storing information recalling it at any second. Like books in a library the knowledge imprinted in this organ of the body can be added to without limit through one's life. The only obstacle that arrests or commences to subtract those books is long term lack of nutrients and environmental toxicity. Dr. Gerson observed that the nutrients are plentiful when the body is detoxified, the brain is restored to normal functioning. When the brain detoxifies, calm and clarity return, mental and emotional fog lift. Over 2,400 years ago, Plato wrote: "No attempt should be made to cure the body without curing the soul." The body is a miraculous in its design and flexibility. It is a forgiving machine. Even following decades of punishment, it can rebound. One of the first steps we can take is to avoid environmental poisons, even those we think are insignificant. Harmful fractions, such as chlorine and fluorine, belong to a dangerous class of chemicals called halogens. These chemicals are found in virtually all municipal drinking water and inflicts severe damage in the body's endocrine system particularly the thyroid gland. Fluorine, a highly toxic by-product of aluminum manufacture, is very dangerous and expensive to disposal. Industrial principals once convinced the American Dental Association, that it would prevent cavities, an assertion that since is proven false. by putting it in the public water supply. The only way to rid the water of this dangerous chemicals is by steam distillation. But there are other semi hidden dangers in ingestion of daily poisons, that can be avoided. Charlotte states one example, in particular. Well, the dental amalgam is now coming more and more into the floor, even while dentist used to dispute it. It's interesting to note that the American Dental Association claims it perfectly harmless in your mouth, however if there is any of the amalgam left over from what goes into your tooth, it isn't just left in the office. They are required to dispose of it as toxic waste. But in your mouth it's safe? Of course it isn't. And it's been clearly demonstrated that lot of children have seizures and all kinds of mental disturbances from the dental amalgam. And so do adults. The danger of the illegal street drugs in public and private schools is heavily publicized. But there are wolves dressed as sheep, that are welcome as they walk through the front door. The trouble with Ritalin is sometimes first of all it's never been tested on children under 6. And they're giving it now to children in preschool and kindergarden. If the nurse, or if the teacher feels that the kids are restless or causing a problem then they report that and the nurse reports it to the doctor and without any further thought they put them on Ritalin. It does cause permanent brain damage, even when they quit taking the Ritalin. And the American services like the Army, Navy and the Air Force will not accept any person into the service who is ever been on Ritalin, because they're uncontrollable. They're mentally disturbed. Rest is essential for all living organisms. During sleep, not only is the nervous system replenished like a storage battery being charged, but the body rids itself of poisons, in a way that only sleep can accomplish. That is why upon awaking, energy is born a new. Sufficient rest is critical for children. And with the bombardment in daily life of hits to their systems in modern society repeated lack of it can hinder and sometimes permanently damage a child's brain development. The developing brain of a child at this time in human history, must clear a number of hurdles in a bit for genetic normalcy. Children are more vulnerable to environmental pollutants than adults, because of their size and faster metabolism. One of the more publicized vulnerabilities is exposure to lead especially lead from older homes, where leaded paint was used pirated in the 1970's. Remodeling and sanding of older homes produces a ticking time-bomb if the dust is breath in. These airborne heavy metals along with numerous other chemicals in the food and water are now unintentionally passed on to the next generation. But the removal, known as chelation, of such toxins, even heavy metals, such as lead, is possible with close adherence to the Gerson therapy. Even the body itself can overproduce a substance that becomes poison in excess, in stressful situations if the liver is unhealthy and unable to neutralize it. It's called adrenaline. Lead filmmaker Steve Kroeschel. Steve films and performs stunts for Hollywood films, and pushes the envelope and the adrenaline glands to the limit. In an occupation that demands split second life or death decisions, the adrenaline flows in excess, and if not neutralized, can poison the body into illness. The potency of this substance is profound. When a drop of adrenaline is secreted by the adrenal glands which are located on little caps on top of each kidney it enters the bloodstream and is diluted instantly to between 1 to 2 billions of its original strength. This would compared to one single drop of ink spilled into 6 million gallons of water. The purpose of adrenalin secretion is to accelerate the fighter fight response and protect oneself in threatening situations. The largest gland of the body - the liver - when healthy, is able to neutralize the secretions. In today's world the abuse of this magnificent organ is relentless. Many people have liver disease and don't even know it. For the detection of a liver problem via illness requires the liver to drop below 30% of its full working capacity before symptoms become detectable. One of the Gerson therapy's main objectives is to restore the liver to 100% capacity and ensure its health. Another of this filmmaker occupation is showcasing wild animals in natural habitats for public education as well as for the motion picture industry. Working with wild life all my life, I'd learned about nutrition. Like this lynx here - if he wasn't fed correctly, he wouldn't be tame and happy and come to me when I call him. We live up in the north country here and lynx are found in the wild. And I use him for education. They are very beautiful animals, but if they're not fed right, they don't have beautiful fur, are not friendly and they certainly won't come back to me when I call them. The Gerson Therapy has changed my life. This 43 year old man follows the Gerson life style, as a preventative measure. And in doing so, has acquired tremendous energy, to achieve a physical workload, equivalent to several people. Like many others who do not have degenerative disease, Steve is immune to even this slightest viral annoyances, such as the common cold, or other discomforts such as headaches, and other minor health hindrances. Because many of the animals are carnivores, in the Wildlife Center, their health and reproduct ability must be maintained at highest levels. Several years ago, scientist researcher Dr. Francis Pottenger run main experiments with regular house cats that lasted several years. He divided his cats into various groups and fed each group differently. Some he gave certain cooked meats, some he gave raw meats. Those that received just cooked meats over few generations, not only declined physical robustness, but they were plagued with illness and had temperament problems. Eventually, they were unable to reproduce successfully. The feces from the animals receiving the cooked product were used as fertilizer to raise string beans. But the beans didn't grow. Some beans hardly even sprouted. Clearly all carnivore animals such as these were designed to hunt and kill, and survive on prey composed of flesh. Their teeth, stomach acids and short digestive tract bear this out. Conversely, the teeth structure of a human being is quite different from that of this wild wolf's teeth. But the dissimilarities between wild meat eaters and humans do not end there. The human digestive tract is far longer and more complex, which is consistent with all herbivorous creatures. Additionally, the stomach acid and intestinal enzymes of humans are unable to properly break down and digest flesh containing animal proteins. Carnivores have very short, simple intestines, to excrete the masticated and digested meat quickly, often within 2 hours, which precludes the chance for the meat to have time to putrefy and poison their systems. In the human being, it takes generally 48 hours for meat to pass through. Invariably, some of them doesn't pass through at all, but instead get snugged inside tiny pockets in the colon putrefying not for hours, but days, months and even years. The toll of meat intake on all these essential human organs, particularly the pancreas gland, which is also involved in the digestive process, is enormous. The pancreas was never designed to break down animal protein or meat. Instead, the pancreas produces digestive juices to split the molecules of the correct kind of protein food, found only in vegetation. In the digestion of vegetation, the pancreas then conserve its second purpose, producing pancreatic enzymes, to fight diseases. When meat must be digested, the pancreas is diverted from its important protective purpose. If we only eliminate the animal products from our diet, the odds of getting cancer, diabetes or heart disease But the standard American diet referred to as sad for short has totally flipped that scientifically verifiable statistic upside down. Looking under a microscope, it is easy to see red blood cells floating around free. But after a fatty meal of any kind, red blood cells stick together like rows of pennies. Now these billions of tiny cells are unable to fold over to deliver a full measure of vital oxygen to capillaries all over the body, including the brain. Surprisingly some foods, like legumes, soybeans and soy products are either deficient in nutrients, or cause health degeneration, by blocking absorption of nutrients. Currently, there is popular discussion about one subject that is of particular interest to women. Osteoporosis in the U.S. is very widespread. Painful, longterm, handed over, broken bones and disability and all that. It's caused by milk drinking. And the doctors give it for supposedly curing osteoporosis, because supposedly milk has calcium. Non only that. That's also caused by meat eating. Because meat in the body, in the digestive process causes acidity, phosphoric acid. And in this kind of acidity, the body is unable to function. The body has to maintain homeostasis, has to maintain a very exact level of alkalinity X acidity. But with meat eating and milk drinking the acid level goes much too high and the body has to balance it up. What does it use to balance it out? Calcium. Where is it going to take calcium? It is not absorbable from milk, because in the milk with pasteurization and all, the enzymes are missing. And the body can't use it. So on the contrary that adds to the problem. Instead, the body needs to use the calcium and draws it from the bones. The Gerson juices, particularly the carrot juice in combination with the green juices, - The carrot juice is very rich in calcium - with the enzymes of the greens and green juices produces the ability in the body to restore calcium to the bones. We relieve osteoporosis. No problem. When orthodox medicine, even with the so called HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and all of those things they use, at best they stop the loss of bone, they don't restore. We restore. I had canceled my health insurance when I was 34 years old. And the reason was not, that I was very healthy only, but the reason was that I'm not interested in a kind of hospital or medical treatment that might be covered by insurance because it's toxic, it's drugs, it's chemicals, and I have, you know, more of an idea that they might kill you rather than help me if I had to go into a hospital. And over the years, I've saved an average of $ 2,000 a year. For 45 years, that's roughly $ 90 thousand. But that is not the only benefit. When you eat organic as I did and vegetarian, I was never ill. It's much cheaper to live this way. And to live healthy, and I've not even mention, I'm feeling good. I feel good, I have energy, I'm able to work, I'm able to travel and lecture and I do all kind of things, even now that I'm almost 82 years old. I'm always telling people, women particularly: Wouldn't it be wonderful if you never had to worry about finding a lump in your breast? But if you eat healthy, that's what happens. As I mentioned, I'm 82, up until this time I never ever had a mammogram. Because I feel very strongly that, living in this manner you don't risk cancer. Without Charlotte's dog determination and iron will her entire life, Dr. Gerson's battle to share with the world this unprecedented medical marvel would have failed. Even now, in the application of this therapy she's unrelenting. Today Gerson's name and therapy is known and honored world wide by holistic physicians, nutritionists and chiropractors. Only in the U. S. is Gerson's name still forbidden to cross the lips of a physician. Fortunately for Charlotte, her family upholds her task and has contributed markedly to radiating information of the Gerson therapy throughout the world. The Gerson Therapy is unequivocally the Holy Grail to curing cancer and maladies that now afflict most of mankind. Charlotte's son Howard is helping educate people around the world about the Gerson therapy through a tax exempt organization, as well as radio and television appearances. He also authors features stories for the bi-monthly "Gerson Healing Newsletter." Howard has recently completed an historical overview of his grandfather's life and work and coordinates book signings with Charlotte like this on the Gerson Institute in Southern California. - You can cure any disease, or you can just maintain good health. - Thank you very much, my pleasure. Nice to meet you. - Thank you. Charlotte's daughter Peggy along with husband Giuliano and daughter Etha, who live in Italy, also follow the Gerson protocol. Etha, only 14, is already an accomplished violinist and donates her musical talent to benefits on lecture programs that Peggy puts together in Europe. Giuliano, a poet, journalist, lecturer and author recently wrote his own tribute about Dr. Max Gerson's life, set as a novel. This film would not be complete without a representative recovery, from one of the most deadly cancer of all. Meet Pat Annie from British Columbia, in Canada. A successful businesswoman in the shipping industry. She remains extremely busy. Pat radiates good health and has a deep conviction about certain priorities in her life. Pat took over her husband shipping business after he passed away of lung cancer some years ago. Ironically, he developed cancer after Pat had recovered on the Gerson therapy. But unlike Pat, he refused any kind of treatment from anyone. In 1986 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which is spread to my liver, go to bladder and spleen. The doctors told me I had 3 months to live, to go home, get my finances in order and prepare to die. My husband just wouldn't accept it, I was only 46 years at the time, or too young. So we kicked around, thinking "oh, well...", you know, such a blow that you just don't really start thinking for at least a month. And at that time, I was throwing up mouthfuls of blood I was on the therapy for 10 days, the bleeding it stopped, the pain it stopped, I came home, get therapy for 2 years. After three months, my doctors here wondered why I was still living. He asked me if I would have a CAT scan which I did. The mass and the cancer was gone. He said, I don't know what you're doing, we don't want to know what you're doing, just keep doing it. The doctors at that time they said I would never live to see my second grandchild, which is now 19 years old. So we prove they're wrong. I have four grandkids now and a granddaughter. And I just, last night they took me out, it was my 65th birthday party. And it was nice to have them all together as a family after I hope they appreciate me. At the time I was fighting the pancreas cancer, we got a call from Michael Landon - you may remember on he. He was on "Little House on the Prairie." He had pancreatic cancer. They gave him three months to live, the same as they did to me. He wouldn't go down to Mexico, but he started the Gerson therapy at home with his family. He went on to the Tonight Show and he looked wonderful, and he said he felt wonderful. And the doctors, after seeing, I guess, him on the Tonight Show tried to talk about of doing the Gerson. So he went with the doctors and did some procedure that they thought would work and he wouldn't loose his beautiful long hair. He phoned us after he did this "treatment" and said, he knew that was the end, that he should have stayed with the Gerson. And there is no doubt in my mind that he would be alive today if he had stayed with the Gerson. Pat is of Hungarian ancestry and read with great interest and delight about a new Gerson hospital in Budapest - Hungary. This hospital is not an ordinary hospital. It is a medieval old castle. And is devoted to treating cancer or disease patients with the Gerson therapy exclusively. Finally, after 75 years and tens of thousands of healed people the world at last is embracing this answer to cancer. Other hospitals were open in Asia and Eastern Europe. The book of mankind's journey in history is ridden from profound darkness, despair and suffering and indescribable sadness. But the story does not end there. And in recorded human history is also triumph and hope over seemingly insurmountable societal, individual and environmental illness. As historians and scientists go back in time, in the fall of ancient Rome resolving of drinking water from leaded pipes, to the secrets of the distant past frozen in some of the world's greatest ice fields, we can see a trace of legacy of other cultures and life forms, that have arrived and survived on the earth for tens of thousand of years. Only now and for some perhaps hauntingly the melting ice sheets revealed through fossilized remains, but nothing is permanent and life is fragile and beautiful. Dr. Gerson, who was the first holistic physician in the U.S., called his approach to medicine "totality." He was a health ecologist. To draw the connection as Dr. Gerson did, of the large scale environmental challenges, and the viability of life inching essentially upon what we put to our cups and place on our plates is so simple yet profoundling hard to grasp, by modern medicines modalities. Quick simply the time is past in which we can not take for granted the substances that we swallow. The purity and soundness of food is taking on a whole new meaning and with every meal we are either digging our own graves with a silver ware, or ensuring a healthy and productive life for not only us but our progeny. The future of our children today is a mystery, and the future their children is even more so. Will they see the natural world and the wild creatures therein only as historical snapshots? The perfect moment for modern civilization is here. Like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, all wild creatures bare testament to the health of our external metabolism, our natural world, the environment. For each of us eventually, whether we are ready or not, some day it will come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days. All things you collected will be treasured or forgotten or past to someone else. Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance. It will not matter what you owned or owed. Your grudges, resentments, frustrations and jealousies will finally disappear. So too your hopes, ambitions, plans and to do list will expire. The wins and losses that once seem so important will fade away. It won't matter where you came from, nor on what side of the tracks you lived at the end. Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant. So what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured? What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built. Not what you got, but what you gave. What will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught. What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage or sacrifice that enriched, empowered and encouraged others to emulate your example. What will matter is not your competence, but your character. What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many will feel a lasting loss when you are gone. What will matter is not your memories, but the memories that live in those who loved you. What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom and for what. A life lived significantly is not one of circumstance, as much as it was of unfailing dedication, of choice. A life that touched and cured a dying and suffering humanity then and now. When Dr. Gerson's first manuscript for his book was nearly done, he fell inexplicably ill. On nursing himself back to health, he found the manuscript missing. Dr. Gerson released his secretary, who had been caught stealing his files, and passing them to a rogue physician. It took Dr. Gerson a full year to reconstruct the manuscript for his towering classic "Cancer Therapy, Results of 50 cases." After finishing his book, Dr. Gerson fell unexplainable ill again. Before he died, he tested himself again which confirmed that he had been poisoned with arsenic. If Dr. Gerson died of for the first time he fell ill from poisoning, he and his classic book would have been buried forever. FOREVER The Producers gratefully acknowledge the kind cooperation of the Gerson Institute. English Subtitles: Richard and Monica W.

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This documentary shows detailed information about the Gerson Therapy, as a cure for cancer and many other diseases and it shows patients and physicians who benefit from it.

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