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Discover Kabbalah Part 1 Class #2 : Karen berg weekly message about teacher

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I know that there are many of you that you know, study on UKabbalah, and have books and enjoying learning by yourselves and sort of sometimes coming to you own conclusions. But i just want to tell you that even the Rav, you know when he first started to learn, he learnt only because he found his teacher and trust me the Rav is Leo. He tells me many, many times that while he was learning with his teacher, you know he came to Israel all proud and proper, to sit down and spent hours and hours delving into the writing of the Ari, into the Zohar, into Ten Luminous Emanations and he got to his teachers house Rabbi Brandwein, and Rabbi Brandwein said look we got these books to pack hows about we do it together, he was astonished me pack books, I came so many thousand of miles, to do what? It was a lesson, and I know that there is those of you here that have seen movies like the Karate Kid, with their hands on, hands off hands on, hands off, it seems like a lesson in futility. But the important message is often times when we learn by ourselves we find out own niche. We figure out our own conclusions. The teacher is very important if for nothing else than to paint the pathway. To show you that this is the way you go. If without a teacher you learn only by yourselves sometimes you can wind up with the wrong conclusions and not that the teacher, a teacher is a human being, that has more knowledge and has more time, more years in the subject than you and therefore he's capable of helping you reach your goal. And sometimes that goal is to maybe lower the goal a little bit. Yes pack some books. Yes learn how to take your coat off the hanger. Yes, all the things that seem nothing to do with actual learning. But you know we know, that the greatest learning of all, is to learn to be a human being with human dignity. The teacher is very, very important, because, he even though he maybe somebody that you know has a few years on you or maybe even a few years less, none the less he has been given through his work, through his time, his study. A deeper knowledge into that which you seek. And therefore through that we need to have real care he's your buddy he's not going to be your friend. Because once your teacher becomes your friend, he loses the edge. So I hope that for all of you, you respect the person that gives you this knowledge, you respect the one that opens the lights so that the plane can take off. That's your teacher, he's there as your guide. You need to use him for that, you need to learn and respect but understand that yes you teacher is very important in the way you see the knowledge that you receive and I hope tonights class will be very enlightening for you.

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